Garden Report 2010 – Week 4


I have finally gotten the garden tilled.

This is what it looked like Thursday morning.

Notice that bush looking thing along the right side of the garden?

That was a tree that was cut down by the power company.

When I decided to move the garden to this area last year, I just tilled around the tree stump.

Well in a years time, that tree sprouted several new branches and took on the form of the bush you see above.

This year, The Captain used the bucket of the tractor and pushed and pulled until he uprooted it and hauled it off.

This is the garden as of Thursday afternoon.

It looks so much better without the bush.

Don’t you think?

It really is bigger than the picture shows.

Anyway, I have most of it planted. Just a few things left.

Yesterday, I got my tiny little tomato plants in the ground and just as I was finishing up putting grass clippings around them a thunderstorm moved in.

I got it finished, but I looked like a filthy drowned rat by the time I made it inside.

I just headed straight to the shower.

Now you and I can both rest easy, knowing I finally got “most” of the garden planted.

Not that YOU were all that worried, but I sure was.

I’m trying something a little different this year in the garden and it involves these….

I’ll fill you in next week.

I didn’t get to take pictures after the project was finished, because like I said, it rained.

And I’m not complaining one bit.

It hasn’t rained on the farm in weeks. And it is SO welcome.

Today, providing the rain will let up for a minute or two, I will get those squash seeds planted that Tipper sent me.

Don’t forget to keep up with the Planting by the Sign reports.


7 comments on “Garden Report 2010 – Week 4

  1. We have been having a lot of rain here lately, so I would be glad to share. Secret Agent Man organized and reworked out garden this year. Several things are planted. Don’t you feel better now that your garden chore is out of the way?

  2. Ive completed most of my planting except for the cucumbers and squash that I will do 2nt I think.. I just have a couple of raised beds so my garden will be small …These days, I have to!

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