May Tether – part three

This is the last of a three part series that shows you a farm where we helped with a tethered hot air balloon event.

If you missed part one….click here.

For part two….click here.

Hanging all over the farm there were these little glass globes with candles in them.

There must have been over a hundred hanging here and there.

You can see them hanging from the trees in this picture.

At night they were all lit.

But the highlight of the night was the lighting of the bonfire.

Isn’t the neatest bonfire you’ve ever seen?

I told The Captain we needed to start building ours this way.

Each year they have a special guest arrive just in time to light the bonfire.

This year it was for the kids.

(please excuse the picture quality, it was dark and they were taken with the camera on my phone)

It’s Lego Man Dracula!

Here’s the backside.

He was made of painted cardboard.

He danced his way across the field to the Michael Jackson song, “Thriller”.

He was immediately swarmed with children, walking, following and calling to him.

I don’t know who had more fun the kids or the adults that created him.

It was a very fun day and I hope we’ll be invited again next year.

I hope you enjoyed this three part series as much as I enjoyed being there!


3 comments on “May Tether – part three

  1. Oh I bet the candles made it look so pretty once it got dark. And how cool is Lego Man! I hope you get to go back to visit again-and of course take us along 🙂

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