May Tether – part two

On Tuesday, I posted about a tether event on May 1st. It was the first of a three part series.

If you missed part one….click here.

Here, I will show you a little beauty of the farm.

The lawns were beautifully manicured.

Young and old alike walked and ran barefoot.

There were gravel roads and mulch covered trails leading all over.

I wish I’d had more time to explore.

You know I love walking and taking pictures.

Maybe you should be thankful I didn’t.

Talk about picture overload!

There were several signs posted here and there.

This one was over the entrance to one of the pathways.

It reads, “I am here… by God’s appointment, in His keeping, under His training, for His time.”


And this sign was over the doorway to a small barn.

It reads, “Ever Thankful, Always Greatful”

I love these signs, and I may begin incorporating these types of things on the Twisted Fencepost farm.

Their garden was enclosed by a 6′ chain link fence.

I can only imagine the critters they get to see in this secluded place.

They brought in sand to make a sand bar along the edge of one of the ponds.

The kids loved it!

I can only imagine how beautiful this scene was just a week or two before.

Bordering the whole front side of that tree are daffodils. But the blooms had already been spent.

And the face on this tree made me smile.

This dog kept me entertained all afternoon.

I was told she was an English Shorthair Pointer.

She had more energy than 5 of my little dogs.

She ran around constantly.

But when her owner got in the balloon basket she was not happy.

She constantly circled under the balloon until her owner was back on the ground and out of the basket.

That’s dedication!

Come back Saturday to read about the special guest that appeared just after nightfall.


2 comments on “May Tether – part two

  1. Oh! This looks so beautiful and such a sweet spot to spend a day. I love those signs to and think you should totally incorporate some into the Twisted Farm.
    I have a long painted sign in my living room that says
    Live Well * Laugh Often * Love Much
    It’s my favorite.

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