May Tether – part one

On May 1st, we helped out with another balloon event.

This time was tethered rides at a private annual event.

It’s the first time we’ve been invited to the annual friends and family event.

And we had a lot of fun, as did all who attended. It was very well planned.

I pass the entrance to this farm on a regular basis and always wondered what was behind the stone entrance and on May 1st I was not disappointed.

This place was beautiful.

I took way too many pictures, but I still want to share them with you. I’ll be posting a three part series.

The house.

There were two ponds and the driveway led through the middle.

The pavilion with live music.

It was catered. They served barbeque, which is so popular in the south, and hot dogs for the kids.

People camped out over the weekend. In the woods there was a very colorful tent city.

There were people of all ages including quite a few college age kids who threw frisbee and football.

There metal contraptions that you use to play frisbee golf, which I’ve never seen played before.


And there were several redneck golf stations.

There were several small barns. And one of them housed these critters.

Two donkeys and a miniature horse, who were very friendly.

You know if there are critters, I will find them.

Or they will find me. (cows)


Here’s the hot air balloon ready for the first to be lifted in the air.

The first occupant was the owner of this beautiful place.

From his perch high in the air, he played the bagpipes for all to hear.

The song…..Amazing Grace.


It’s my favorite gospel song.

While The Captain helps out with the balloon, holding it down and helping people in and out of the basket, I am usually guarding one of the tethers.

While the balloon is on the ground the tether is on the ground, but as the balloon goes up the tethers go up and someone has to make sure there is no one walking over or standing over one of them.

That is usually where I am.

The keeper of the tether.

That’s me.

I get to meet a lot of interesting people while guarding the tether.

I think that’s enough for today.

But come back Thursday to see a little beauty of the farm.

And on Saturday I’ll tell you about their special guest.


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