Periwinkle, Buttercup and Vetch

In the last few weeks I have noticed that a few of you were posting pictures of wildflowers.

Over the weekend I found a few minutes to grab The Rabbit and go wildflower hunting.

Here are the ones that I found near the house.



Here’s a Buttercup close-up.

And this one I didn’t know the name of so I had to research it.

It’s called Smooth Vetch or Winter Vetch.

I just love the color and the tiny flowers.

One more test and I’m finished with this semester.


And hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with The Rabbit.

We’ll take long walks together.

We’ll record all the beauty that surrounds us.

Just me and The Rabbit.




7 comments on “Periwinkle, Buttercup and Vetch

  1. The buttercups take over my flower gardens. They’re cute but I wish they would stay in the wild! I do love periwinkle though! Good luck on your finals!

  2. Buttercups are one of my favorite spring flowers. I haven’t seen any around here yet though.

    It might just be me or it might be the seemingly long winter we had this year but the flowers just seem more vibrant this year.

  3. I remember when I was young and we would hold the buttercups up under our chins and it was supposed to mean something. The something I can’t remember.
    You and the rabbit almost sounds like a love affair!!LOL!!

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