Garden Report 2010 – Week 3

Still, the garden has not been tilled.

I know that I should have had things planted by now, but there are just not enough hours in the day.


this semester will be over as of this week and I will have a couple of weeks off.

And I promise you that those two weeks will be packed everyday with getting things finished up here on the farm. Things like planting the garden, finishing the fencework, finishing painting that wall that is painted only halfway up. Just to name a few things on the agenda.

During all this busyness I have managed to get a few seeds started. And they have grown rather slowly. Maybe it’s because they are outside and the cool night air has kept their growing to a minimum.

Before, I showed you some planter boxes that I have planted herbs in. They are also growing slowly. But they are growing.

You know I have been in and out of the local home improvement store a lot lately.

I can’t resist checking out the garden section EVERY TIME  I go in there. The Captain and Boo go and check out BOY stuff and give me free reign of the plants, seeds and tools section of the store.

I just love those guys.

But look what I found!

It’s called a “rocker chair”.

It’s to use while working in the garden.

The bottom is rounded so you can lean forward while working.

And believe me my poor back will appreciate this!

Here’s the seat part.

And the cover comes off, to be washed.

The seat is adjustable.

I’m hoping it will help ease some of the strain my back is under during all those hours I’ll be spending in the garden this summer.

Hopefully, I will be able to control the rocker enough to keep it from flying out from under me and planting me face first beside a tomato plant.


And for those times when the rocker chair doesn’t get low enough, I have a new knee pad.

The old one is MIA. Who knows where it’s hiding.

And here is my garden tote all packed and ready to go gardening.

Complete with seeds from Tipper.

I’m participating in Blind Pig and the Acorn‘s Second Annual Planting by the Signs Test again this year.

Hopefully, I’ll have more luck this time.

The seeds were donated by Hometown Seeds, who, by the way, are sponsoring Tipper’s garden this year.

I will be posting occasionally about how the seeds are growing in comparison to eachother, as will Tipper and other’s who have joined the sign test team.

Wish us luck that we can prove our ancestors knew what they were talking about by planting by the moon.

And check in regularly to keep up with the testing progress.



8 comments on “Garden Report 2010 – Week 3

  1. Becky, I know how you feel. My garden is not planted yet either, but I’m vowing to get something done this weekend!
    I love that rocker seat. That is very cool!

  2. Forget Me Nots…rake up some soil scatter the seeds and stomp on them a little. Keep watered until they germinate. I have some in full sun and partial shade.

  3. Well, it looks like you are going to be busy in your garden for a while. I like that stool….hope it works good for you. I wish I had the energy that you seem to have…my flower beds really need work. I have a hard time bending….my old joints just aren’t what they used to be. Might help if I could lose some weight. Good luck with your garden.

  4. Cant wait for this semester to be over too! I want to get in my flower beds and plant my tomato plants! Too much to do in 2 weeks. Thats not counting all of the housework on the list.

  5. that rocker chair is FANTASTIC! what a great idea!

    i just use an old stepstool, and it is NOT comfy AT ALL.

    our garden isn’t tilled, either–it’s pretty much a mud hole right now . . .

  6. That chair does look fantastic. All of the work that has been done in our garden was washed away this weekend by our flooding rains. Well, I should say that we have a few plants left, but it is a mess. Best of luck with yours!

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