Just To Name A Few

While driving, sometimes I witness some of the strangest things.

Either in another car, on another car or some kind of erratic driving.

It never ceases to amaze me.

For instance, not long ago, the Captain and I were driving on the interstate when a car that had been weaving in and out of traffic decided he needed to take the next exit. He cut us off crossing two lanes to get to that exit at the last second.

But that’s not the bad part.

He then decided, “opps wrong exit” and cut back onto the road. But there wasn’t enough room to get back into a lane so he was driving at highway speeds on the shoulder, and the roads were wet. Just as we passed him he hit one of those two-poled information signs. It stopped them immediately and crunched up the front end of the car, but no one was hurt.


I’ve seen people shaving with electric shavers. putting on mascara and one time I seen a lady eating a bowl of cereal, all while driving.

In town, we have a Volkswagon bug painted like a soccer ball.

Cars with painted gold $ signs.

Cool whip painted on the car. You know, like the side of a plastic whipped topping container.

And various candy bar wrappers painted on the cars.

Just to name a few.

I need to get some pictures of those to share with you.

Then there was the time I had to stop on a country road and wait for a fella to throw an opossum in the bed of his truck, because he was parked in a turn and I couldn’t see around to see if it was safe to pass. That opossum he just caught , barehanded. He was holding that thing up by its tail and grinnin’ like a cheshire cat.

And the things I’ve seen while riding shotgun in the cab of an 18-wheeler!


One time I seen a little sign hanging in the window of a truck that said,

“Thrill a trucker….drive naked.”

And believe me, people do….drive naked.

If I were driving and I seen a naked driver, I would probably wreck.

But not because I was thrilled, but because I would be thinking…

“Did I just see what I think I saw?!”

So tell me….

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve seen while driving or riding along our nation’s highways and biways?

C’mon, share!

We all wanna hear about it.

Well, unless YOU were driving naked.

Then you can keep that little secret for yourself.


8 comments on “Just To Name A Few

  1. Hmm…. I’m from Ft. Worth, TX also known as Cowtown. One of the oldest parts of town is the Stockyards. Ft. Worth was once a hub for shipping cattle. The Stockyards District includes a street full of shops, bars and restaurants. It can get rowdy down there on a Saturday night. One Sat night while driving through to show some out of town friends the stock yards we got caught at a long light. While waiting a very drunk cowboy turned away from his friends and the bar but towards the street and decided to relieve himself.

  2. Ok..here goes one of my life confessions..when I was young…much younger than today..I used to hitch hike every now and then..anywhoo..one time I lived in Austin texas and worked at a pizza inn…I was hitch hiking to work one night and a man pulled over…I went to get in..I opened the door and realized he was driving with a shirt on…ONLY..that was it!!! I was so mad!!!! I yelled at him, slammed the door and proceeded to continue walking to work and refused any further rides..
    anyway..DO NOT HITCHHIKE>>>ever!

  3. Well, after leaving a dinner all the girls piled into one car and all the guys in the other car to head to one of the couples homes. Well, the girl’s car was “mooned” by the guy’s car. More than we wanted to see I can tell ya.

  4. We just went on a school trip-on a tour bus. At that height we could look right into the big rigs. I was scared silly to see so many of them texting while they were driving!!

    Wish I could have been on some of your crazy rides-I bet we would have laughed ourselves silly 🙂

  5. Once while driving, a car passed us on the interstate and the guy in the passenger side looked over at us. He had on a halloween mask! It was a little spooky and unexpected.

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