Wheedle Word 31

Wheedle word 30 was….


That word can bring about so many warm and fuzzy thoughts.

What first came to my mind was a warm gentle breeze.

We seem to having daily occurances of those here on the farm.

And they are most welcome.

This week I’m giving you a word a little out of the ordinary.

Just because I wanna know what you’re thinking.

Well…..that’s the purpose of this weekly Wheedle Word thing, isn’t it?

So, how about the word….


I can’t wait to read your responses.

I KNOW this will be interesting!

Wondering what a Wheedle Word is?      !CLICK HERE!


11 comments on “Wheedle Word 31

  1. True… fresh from the garden still warm from the sun. Delightful!

    I love to cut up a fresh tomato, add some fresh basil and a little salt and serve on a toasted garlic rubbed baguette. Even early in the morning that gets my taste buds going!

  2. It reminds me that I have about 6 plants that NEED to be put in the ground!!!! But we are going to have some severe weather I think on Fri so I am worried that it may hail and knock the little life out of them!! Oh what to do!??!!
    BTW..THe pineapple top????Do I just cut the top off and put in a bowl of water?????:)

  3. The first thing that came to my mind would be a tomato sandwhich. With either the big beefsteak tomatoes or fresh off the vine Jersey tomatoes. 2 pieces of bread,a little mayo, tomatoes,and a little salt and pepper. Yummy!!!!

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