We Can Make It Last All Day

Hello, there!

Glad you stopped in today.

I have something to show you.

Let’s go for a walk.

The trees are really talking this year.

The Pecan (above) and the Hickory (below) are full of blooms.

I guess that’s what you call those things.

The Rushing Water tree is fully leaved out and making it’s running water sounds every time the wind blows.

I still haven’t had time to look this tree up to see exactly what it is.

I love the little baby Oak leaves.

We had to cut out one of our Wisteria’s this year.

I know it’s considered a vine, but the trunk looked like a tree to me.

It was about 8 inches in diameter.

We had to take it out because it was completely enveloping my Crepe Myrtle tree and I was afraid it would eventually kill it.

See how the vines have wrapped around the Myrtle limbs.

Here’s a different Oak leaf. I just love those.

We have three Peach trees here on the farm. Two of them we planted  in 2006.

And they are loaded with peaches this year.

I’m thinking I will need to find some sort of supports for the limbs.

They are still young trees and not capable of supporting the weight of many peaches.

The third one was planted just this year, in March. In memory of my brother.

These trees are all near the house. All but one  are in my yard and I can see that one from my back door.

 I’m looking forward to getting things caught up around here and taking a walk outside the yard to see what the trees are up to elsewhere on the farm.

Maybe I’ll just sneak off from all these things that keep me busy and take that walk anyway.

Would you like to come along?

Shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone and maybe we can make it last all day!



9 comments on “We Can Make It Last All Day

  1. Good morning, sorry I haven’t been around much. Like everyone it seems I have been really busy. We had an almond tree in out backyard one time, and when the kids had to do a leaf collection for a school/class project, they always took one of those leaves. Every time the teachers would argue with them saying it was a peach leaf. They look a lot alike, but you would think the kid would know what’s in their own backyard. LOL Have a terrific week.

  2. I was driving home this morning, looking at all the various trees and crops that are surrounding me. I thought taking photos for my blog might be fun. We must be on the same wavelength. BTW, the blossomy things on the pecan are called catkins…walnuts do the same thing. Have a great day.

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