Garden Report 2010 – Week 2

There was no garden report last week because I was up to my ankles in homework and flooring.

Now that the flooring is complete, maybe I can get my hands dirty outside.

I plowed my garden at the end of March hoping there would be a few more freezes that would kill a lot of the bug population that invaded my garden last year.

It is grown up again and needs to be plowed again.

Hopefully, I’ll get to that this week.

Last year, I planted garlic for the first time ever. It didn’t do well. When it came time to dig it up in the fall, I couldn’t find it.

So it got plowed under.

About a week later I found a few of them had begun to grow again. So I dug them up and put them in these cute little buckets on the porch.

They survived the winter.

Now I can’t decide whether to leave them in the buckets or put them back in the garden.

What do you think?

Also, in one of those cute little buckets, I have planted lavender.

I’ve never grown it before either. Well, except for that pot I forgot to water last year.


So I’m not counting that one.

It has already doubled in size.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

Any suggestions?

This past winter was extremely wet.

And it was good for the trees, they seem to be fuller and more vibrant this year.

Maybe it just seems so because I was wishing for winter to end and spring to begin.

Last winter was a hard one for the U.S.

Don’t you  think?

But after the drought we’ve had in the southeast for the last several years, a good wet winter is just what nature needed.

The blackberries on the farm are blooming profusely.

These are tame blackberries, planted by my Mother and Father-in-law.

The honeybees are keeping busy about their work in the blackberry patch.

And the wild blackberry blooms are popping up all over, too.

It’s kind of hard to see. But all those little white spots are blackberry blooms.

That’s it for this week.

Hopefully, once I get finished with all these “final tests”, I’ll have time to get something planted in the garden.

So how is your garden doing so far?



10 comments on “Garden Report 2010 – Week 2

  1. I put lavender in a pot on my porch, right next to my chair where I sit and read. When a breeze would come through, the smell was heavenly.

  2. I am so excited we have a little garden this year too! I have been invaded by a lot of bugs this year, bloom eating ones. Bad enough I have my garden in a 10 foot chain link fence~because of the deer… but the roses are getting looked at an eaten too. Dangit!
    YOURS will be great as always…don’t know how you find the time to do all you do girl!!!

  3. Oh Becky, you amaze me. Do you ever sleep? We have wild blackberries in the park across the street and love them, but with no farm and a small suburb yard, I am in a constant effort to get them out of my home garden. Good luck on your finals!

  4. Things have been so busy with family issues and the goats that I have not done any gardening at all so far this year. I will probably be lucky to get a few tomato plants in the ground. I never thought about planting garlic before, but I love the stuff so maybe I should try it too someday.

  5. You sound like us with the home improvements. We finally have all of our carpeting/hardwood done, but our new furniture is on backorder! So, on the floor we are! Our garden is slowly growing. I love the lavender, but have had some trouble growing it myself. I love the smell and the sachets are a good idea.

  6. I agree-it was a hard winter-and I’m excited by all the green of spring too. I love love the smell of lavender. If you have more than a few garlic starts-I say try it again in the garden-maybe in a different spot. Mine does pretty good and comes back every year.

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