Wheedle Word 29

Last week I asked you what first came to your mind when you read this word…..



I’m thinking about all those blades of grass that are growing outside.

The one’s that have been mowed twice already.

And need cutting again.

Yep, it’s that time of year.

Oh, I’m not complaining.

Mowing grass is one of my favorite chores.

I love the looks and smells of a freshly mowed lawn.

Except for all those wild onions, which I seem to have an abundance of.

Now for this week’s Wheedle Word.

How about the word…


This should be interesting.

For those of you wondering what a Wheedle Word is…..CLICK HERE!


12 comments on “Wheedle Word 29

  1. In the neighboring town, in the mall, there is this huge architectural sculpture that is called Chaos. It is really cool, it’s mechanical and has large steel balls that roll through tracks while the rest of it spins and rotates. That’s what I thought of.

    • Here’s a link to a picture of Chaos…it’s pretty cool. As a kid, we would throw change into the shallow pool of water at the base.

  2. The havoc that is caused when parents don’t keep a close eye on their children in malls or shopping centers. Sorry, but I just experienced a lot of younger kids running willy-nilly around the mall the other day so that’s what I thought of.

  3. When the house if filled with teenagers with 13 different conversations going at the same time, boys wrestling and girls laughing. It’s good chaos… but it’s chaos just the same.

  4. My life recently, time-wise, has been chaos. Correction, it feels like it from time to time.

    Life is good…that is all I can say.

    I always appreciate Wheedle Word. It is interesting!

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