Farm Photo 45

He’s back.

After his long winter’s nap….

Arnie has returned.



17 comments on “Farm Photo 45

  1. Excellent Pictures I don’t know how you get such good pictures of bees!! Maybe it’s just Arnie that poses for you.
    How’s school going girl. I am so proud of you going back.!!

  2. That’s all I get. those and wasps. I have not seen a real honey bee in years. We used to have the really cute fuzzy bumbles that look like little fat panda bears, they are gone too. I’m thinking about starting to keep some bees. If we don’t they may all disappear.

  3. We have these Carpenter bees too….

    The male always guarding the deck while the female is drilling the nest hole….scary to the unwary but never sting….

    We don’t kill them here…but had to on my Mothers porch/deck as her deck was full of holes weakening boards on her deck….she had dozens of pairs setting up different nesting holes on her old deck….

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