Wheedle Word 28

Last week I asked you what came to mind when you read the word…


And you gave some very interesting and well thought out responses.

I think of TIME management.

Which I was very good at in the not so distant past.

Not so much as of late.


Oh, I try very hard to manage my TIME. But when there are several people involved who seem to think I have all the TIME in the world, it is not easy to manage my TIME.

But things get done. Maybe not when I want them done, but they get done.

I’m not above trading my TIME for theirs. If someone wants my assistance with something and I need to get something finished quickly then they must help me accomplish my task, too.

Fair trade, I think.


So, for this week’s Wheedle Word I’m thinking…..


Now what are you thinking?

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11 comments on “Wheedle Word 28

  1. The beautiful lush green grass that I grew up with in Utah. Everyone has a sprinkler system and even in the dry heat of summer the lawns are thick and you can sit right down in the grass and visit. NW grass is almost always a little damp and not thick unless you count the moss that so many try to control. Mmmmm I think I need me a good summer picnic.

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