Completely Consumed

Before you fuss at me because…

1. I haven’t been posting regularly


2. I haven’t been keeping up with my visits with you.

Let me say, I do apologize.

I have been completely covered up here on the farm.

With homework, painting, holidays and all the other daily stuff that has to be done, it has completely consumed my time.

As you know we started some home improvements here a few months ago. It continues…..

The painting is complete, but now the flooring has begun.

Ripping out the old, cleaning and installing the new.

And don’t forget about everything that has to be moved out and moved back.

The house is a mess. It’s driving me nuts.

See all that sheetrock dust.

When my house is cluttered, so is my head.

It’s hard to stay organized with the house in such disarray.

School also continues. And now a third class (minimester) started April 1st. This is a short class, but packed full. As a matter of fact, the class started April 1st (online class), but because of technical issues, on their part, I wasn’t able to access any of the class information until April 5th.


Now the grass mowing and the likes has started.

Thank Goodness Boo is old enough to help with that.

Who knows when I’ll get back out to the garden.

I have tilled it up once, but it’s almost time to till again and start planting.

I had to get the house as clean as possible for our Easter feast and the annual Easter egg hunt.

The Captain and Boo did help with that, too.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday morning cleaning and cooking.

I’m so thankful that my daughter came by Saturday and stuffed the Easter eggs for me.

Some things may be small tasks, but when you have so many small tasks to keep up with, even help with the little things can go a long way.

Each time someone comments on this blog a message is sent to my phone and it notifies me of the new message.

Lately, because I have no new posts, I have no new messages, which means my phone is mostly silent.

And I cannot explain how I miss the daily interaction with all of you.

I miss reading your comments.

 And I miss seeing what it is that you’ve been up to.

I get caught up when I can, but somedays I barely get time at the computer.

Have faith that I have not abandoned you or this blog.

I’m just a little overwhelmed.

But I will get this farm under control once again.




15 comments on “Completely Consumed

  1. Not to worry dear! I have not forgotten about you! I am on sprng break and am doing home improvement as well. My house is a complete disaster so we can just hold hands through this crazy process!

  2. Do what is important, and do not worry over the rest.

    You are missed.

    Many of us are busier this time of year. But you are dealing with things like the (very) dreaded drywall dust and classes!!

    Hang in there!

  3. We’ve all been there, Becky. Jusy keep doing one things at a time and it will all get done. Or not. Some things might just fall off the to-do list, and that’s okay too. You know your priorities and we can wait.

  4. Oh Becky I am in awe of how much you are doing AND you still post way more often that I have been. I hear you how life just gets in the way sometimes. Take it slow and take care of yourself. You have been through a lot lately. Hugs!

  5. Home Improvments going on here Too! and I get to clean out my fathers house too! Geezzzzzzzz Oh yeah did I MENTION BASEBALL started! I have not forgotten about u either…glad to hear your Easter Was funfilled.

  6. Understand completely. It is the same with me, my blogging has slowed down a lot because there is so much to do and I just can’t seem to get caught up.

  7. Girl….your plate is definitely full. Your daily posts are missed, but we understand. Some things have to be first, and a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I’m proud of you for the person that you are… make me feel bad. I don’t post much at all anymore….and it isn’t because I don’t have the time. I really don’t know why….I’ve just gotten a little discouraged…..but, I do love to visit my friends here in blog land. You hang in there and take care of “business”…….just as long as you let us know once in a while that you are still alive and kicking. Love you girl!

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