Give It To Me Straight

When I told you on Monday that over the weekend I had taken some Senior portraits for a teen that’s near and dear to my heart….

A few of you asked if I could post some of those pictures.

I had to ask permission first. Some people don’t want their picture or their child’s picture displayed for all to see.

And I definitely want to respect thier wishes.

But, since they are regular readers here they seen your requests and called to tell me it is okay to post a few of the pictures.

So, I didn’t have to ask permission but they offered it.

Just for you!

Remember, this is the first time I’ve attempted any kind of formal photography.

After taking over 300 pictures,

These are a few of the best.

Taking fun pictures comes easy with someone as easy going and bubbly as this young lady.

Love you, Monkey!

Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of taking your senior portraits.

So, Readers, what do you think?

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do differently?

Give it to me straight.

I need to learn all I can learn about  my passion for photography.


16 comments on “Give It To Me Straight

  1. Becky … are you sure they are your first??? Beautifully done…the contrast colors on the first one just beautiful. Congrats..I see a great future for you in taking pictures!

    The photo tag on your pictures…how come mine doesn’t show that…I ask for them to have the protection on through picasa…so how come it doesn’t show up? Oh yeah your a teacher now too… come with the territory of creating such pretty pictures 🙂

    OH and YES the subject of the picture she was very pretty too..that always helps!

  2. Must say I am a little predujiced and of course I thought the subject was beautiful! The pics are amazing. Still can’t believe you took that many! Becky also has a great knack for catching the right moment for things. Like a sneeze! Lol! Awesome job!

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