A Few For Myself

Over the weekend I met a teenager, who’s near and dear to my heart, at a local garden area.

To take her senior portraits.

This is the first time I’ve taken formal pictures for someone.

We had a lot of fun. And I got some really great pictues of her.

But you know I couldn’t be around all that beauty and not take a few pictures for myself.

I just couldn’t resist.

And you know I had to share them with you.

The squirrels were a little shy. But I got a couple shots before they ran off.

Who knows, maybe my passon for photography may turn into something else.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


15 comments on “A Few For Myself

  1. Well, Becky, you are good……I love those pictures. I just love the ones with the squirrels. What kind of tree is that with all the pretty white blooms?

  2. I always thought it would be neat to be able to do Senior portraits. I’ll need a better camera, of course, but I still think it’s neat! Can you post some samples of what you took of her?

  3. Your pictures are awesome. I took the senior pictures for both my granddaughters and they were very happy with them. With digital cameras why not? The kids are smart to save money! So will the young lady let you post her picture? It’s fun isn’t it? We were just going to do a practice session to see about the clothes and backgrounds and my kid said she liked the pics and that was that.

  4. I am not sure who had more fun you or her!!! I love the squirell I guess he didn’t hide as well as he thought he had!!!lol!!!

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