What Do You Need?

About a year or so ago, I posted a meme.

I had so much fun with this one, I thought I’d try it again and see what comes up this time.

How does this one work, you ask?

Google, “your name” and the word “needs” after it and see what comes up.

So, I pulled up Google and typed in…Becky needs…and this is what I found.

Becky needs…

a birch canoe.  Ummm, and I don’t really know where I’ll be going in a canoe. But it really doesn’t HAVE to be birch. Any old canoe will do, as long as it floats.

to hire a family lawyer. Really? Is there something I should know?

your prayers. YES, everytime I have a test in MATH!

to write a description of herself. Oh, okay. Busy. How’s that for a description?

more than that. That depends on just what it is that “that” is. If we’re talking about a SMALL bowl of something chocolate, then I would have to agree. I definitely need “more than that”!

to drop a few pounds. Hey! That’s not nice. So I’ve put on a few pounds. There’s no sense in telling the world about it.

to get back in shape. So true! And I’m hoping that “Total Gym” I got for Christmas will do the job. Might take care of that last one, too.

Now that the WHOLE WORLD knows about my few extra pounds!


Give it a try. Follow the directions above and see what fun things you need!



16 comments on “What Do You Need?

  1. I am afraid to do this because I don’t want to read that I need a funeral director. LOL

    I could stand a moment with God by my side or an Angel to show me which way to turn next but I don’t need a new wife or a new car and that’s what I get.

    I think the meme is a good idea when somebody else does it. You are a brave, very brave person.

  2. I did it and I’m not sure what to think.

    I googled rick needs and all it said was,

    rick needs an angel………….

    I’m done playing!

  3. The first one said peaches needs to hire some help. The next one said peaches needs your help. Uh…I guess I need help…lol

    Then it said peaches needs a roommate..WHAT? lol

    A good home……………

    And last but not least—–a lesson in Irish Famine history….. uh, ok….LOL

  4. Melinda needs to come with the Canfield Crew to Idaho to play in the Pokemon State Champs.

    Wiltshire’s Melinda Messenger will need the county’s votes tonight as she takes to the rink in Skating on Ice if she is to avoid the dreaded skate-off for a third time.

    When Melinda needs to find voice through her heart, she finally can see that it is okay to let other people help her with it. Melinda needs a lot more attention then she gets.


  5. A man…no thanks, one is one too many.
    A holiday…I agree with that one.
    A facelift…Funny.
    To focus…on what?
    Go back to school…too old!
    A job…that sounds good, but only part time, please.

    What I really need is to get rid of this horrible virus that my computer has. I am online in safe mode right now. Help!

  6. So funny, 10 items came up but here is a few:
    needs to be sweet, innocent, girlish & pretty.
    needs an adoptive family
    needs 4 hours per day for personal care and meal preparation.
    Some take on Dorothy and Kansas and what is funny I live in Kansas.
    But then everyone connects Kansas to Dorothy.

  7. This really is fun!

    The top 3 needs:

    Mary needs a lamb in school. Ha!

    Mary needs a shadow. Naw…I have enough 4 legged shadows.

    Mary needs numbers. Noooo!!! I already have way too many. Right now they are a thorn in my side.


    I do daily searchs on my full name, and company name, it is interesting to see where it pops up.

    Have a good day!

  8. It said I needed:
    1. snow boots – uh, YEAH
    2. to know about homeschooling – uh, read RETIRED.
    3. everything for the perfect Japanese tattoo of my name – I’ve always wanted a tattoo so I’m going to look in to that. 🙂

  9. Cute! I’ve done that before, and I love the results. I could do a whole post on things thatarein my head–not things from a google search!

  10. Neat! I remember it from last year. I have a google alert for my name-and I get some funny stuff-mostly about other Tippers. I have learned there is a Tipper Truck in Australia-who knew!

  11. Haha, That was fun. The first on said that I need a “Padgett Business Services”, and the second was a Sermon!

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