Farm Photo 40

I can’t believe I have been posting Farm Photo Friday for 40 weeks!

Time flies!

This little ladybug flew in and decided to help me with my studies.

I must say she’s quite a talented writer.

She gave me good ideas for my last essay assignment.


Well, who do you think gave the inspiration for that little ladybug poem?



13 comments on “Farm Photo 40

  1. She needs to correct her spelling in the top line. LOL

    I hope you won’t hit me.

    Go to your local historical society and look up the house, or farm and go from there. I always do it that way and from there I go into the census books and in the end have a good idea of the people who lived there.

  2. You might want to change the link in your sidebar from to any of my other blogs. I am trying to get rid of some and keep others. could be used for the URL and you could keep the words Abe Lincoln up as it is in the sidebar.

    I am also starting a blog about people getting a job or becoming self-sufficient. That one is so new I am not sure which way it will go. If you know of anybody hiring let me know. The URL for it is below.

    Abraham Lincoln

  3. Good evening, hope your studies are going ok. I would hate to think about taking any kind of classes. Not that I couldn’t learn something, but too tired to try. LOL Have a wonderful Sunday.

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