Wheedle Word 24

Last week I gave you the word…


There are all kinds of gadgets for all different kinds of things. Kitchen gadgets, tool gadgets, gardening gadgets…..you get what I’m trying to say.

But for me a gadget is the word I use for something I don’t know the name of or that I can’t think of its name.

This week a word popped in my mind and I’ll just go with it.


I know you’ll go along with it too.

So what does the word that popped into my mind cause to pop into your mind?

Wondering what a Wheedle Word is? Click here!



17 comments on “Wheedle Word 24

  1. Pillows.
    When I first met my husband at college he had a feather pillow his Mom had made. They do scrunch up nicely.
    And then I thought of feather boas. My daughter loved them when she was little.

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