Get Out Your Shovel

After the snow we had last weekend.

And the snow that’s been dumping on the northern states…

I’ve really been missing sunshine and warm temperatures.

And yearning for spring to make an appearance.

So yesterday, I took the rabbit and went searching for spring.

And look what I found sprouting around the farm.





I’ve always been told that when the Robins appear, spring is just around the corner.

These guys have been pecking and scratching around the farm for two weeks.

Yes, they’re Robins.

I’ve been watching the Kildeer and Bluejays fighting for territory.

The frogs in my area have been singing all winter long.

Even with snow on the ground.


I can’t rely on them to tell me when spring will arrive.

The temperatures hovered around 60 degrees Saturday and Sunday.

And I’m itching to get digging.

So if it’s spring you’re looking for….

get out your shovel and dust it off.

Cause the Robins have arrived and announced spring is almost here!!!!




17 comments on “Get Out Your Shovel

  1. Wow, good for you, Becky! Not so good here…..we’ve got more snow in the forecast this week….but….it shouldn’t be long. I’m already looking forward to our spring fishing vacation for the middle of April.

  2. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    You have green grass. And have seen at least one robin. Sigh!

    Our weatherman man said he saw “spring flowers” coming up in a space where the snow had cleared.


  3. Wow, I want to come dig in your garden. I can just smell your green grass growing.
    It’s realy wierd but we have had robins here in North Dakota this winter. I think they must be mutants or something?

  4. Is that robin thing true? We’ve had them since late January (about 3 months early, I think), but it still gets VERY cold a few days a week.

    Love the crocus!

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