Farm Photo 39

The snow we received last friday was beautiful.

I was lucky that I got up early enough to get a few pictures before it started melting.


15 comments on “Farm Photo 39

  1. The snow we got still has the yards and roof tops covered. Slowly melting, but unless it gets a heck of a lot warmer, it’s going to be around for a while. We also have large piles where they pushed it when cleaning the streets and etc. I doubt that will melt until Spring. LOL

    My niece came through the surgery just fine, the plastic surgeon inserted the expanders as soon as they removed her breast. Personally I wouldn’t have gone through that, but she’s only 46. I have no idea what I might have decided if I were 46 and they were removed. But I know at 73, forget it. in fact Abe and I have all ready talked about that, because if mine comes back again, I will have to go through a mastectomy. And we both agreed, why go to all that extra bother. Buy a bra with it built in. LOL Happy week-end.

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