Wheedle Word 23

Last week many of you had the same thing in mind as I did when you read the word…..


The crackle sound of a roaring fire. I love sitting around a fire, whether it be at home in the fireplace, out in the yard watching a bonfire or at a campground.

There’s just something mesmerizing and relaxing about the sound of a crackling fire.

I think I’ll venture away from the sense wheedles for a bit and see if I can get you thinking in a different direction.

How about a word you don’t hear everyday?


Hmmmm, that’ll make you think.

For those of you wondering what a Wheedle Word is………..click here!


16 comments on “Wheedle Word 23

  1. The word gadget makes me think of my kitchen drawers and pantry closet that is home to many of them. I love kitchen gadgets and have a lot of them – every single one of them special in their own unique way.

  2. Inspector Gadget was it for me too. I guess I’m a bit older than Klutzymama in that it was the 60’s TV show I remember starring Don Adams rather than the cartoon.
    I just celebrated a birthday and I guess I’m really getting old. I couldn’t remember Adams’ name so I googled Inspector Gadget. It took quite a few links to find the old TV sitcom. It was mostly links for the cartoon of the 80’s.

  3. My kitchen! My kitchen is FULL of gadgets… more than any other kitchen I know (but probably not as many as a lot of other kitchens), and I use them all. If they go unused, they go elsewhere. I love gadgets!

  4. Becky: My boat is full of gadgets to help me catch fish. EXP: fish finder – net – anchors – line – bait box – minnow bucket – camera (wait I use that after I either catch or don’t catch fish).

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