The Missing Ingredient

Many of you were effected by the recent snow that swept across the southern states this past week and weekend.

And many of you received snow that normally don’t get much, if any, snow.

Including us in upstate South Carolina.

Every year the kids and adults alike, in South Carolina, anticipate snow, because most years we do not receive snow. If we do it’s usually in the form of ice.

Which means no snowball fights or building of snowmen. It’s just really hard to do anything with frozen snow.

I know that many of you have received so much snow this year that you are sick of snow.

And probably not interested in “another” post about snow.

But, this one is not just about snow.

This year I have wished for snow more than in previous years because of this…..


A snowman kit I received as a Christmas gift.

I’ve been wanting to show it to you. But have been waiting and hoping we would get the missing ingredient.


 It contains everything you need for building a snowman.

Except the snow.

So when we received this friday night and early saturday morning, I knew I would finally get to share.

This is the first time I’ve seen a heart for a snowman.

And I thought is was an adorable addition.

He’s kinda small,

and his nose seems a little large.

But I consider myself lucky to have had enough snow to make one this big.

Normally, when we do get snow, it doesn’t last very long.

As you can tell by the green snowless yard behind him.

If you look closely to the left side of Mr. Snowman’s hat.  You can see Casper Dog walking along his personal doggie porch.

This morning, the snowman is gone, having melted away.

But I have these pictures to remember him by.

And to remember the strange snow storm that came up from the southern states.

So, have any of you built a snowman this year?


24 comments on “The Missing Ingredient

  1. He’s adorable! We got another big blast last night and school is canceled again. The girls are going to be thrilled when they wake up. My husband will be cussing about having to drive in it and I will just be glad I don’t have to get out in it!

  2. That is so cool! I’ve never heard of a snowman kit!

    I wish I could send some of our snow your way. I’m home from work today b/c we got about 6 more inches of snow on top of what we still had out there. And since it started out slushy, it’s icy beneath the snow! Ugh! It’s neverending!

  3. How clever. No we haven’t ventured out to build a snowman, the snow has o be just right for rolling and packing and this hasn’t been. We’re getting more now, so perhaps this will be tomorrow if it warms up a little..

  4. I can tell you that it snowed all day here in Brookville and Patty used the machine to get it off the driveway and sidewalks. You could make a snowman here as big as your house if you could get enough kids together. I have never seen a snowman kit and was surprised to see it.

    You did a good job with what you had to work with.

  5. Becky: What a cute little snowman. Your right about the snow. We got another 8″ of snow and my path to the bird feeder is covered again. Is that a little snowman or just a big nose?

  6. He is the cutest snowman ever! I love his big nose and floppy hat. What a great little snowman box and such a good gift idea. Love it! I hope your little friend hasn’t melted away yet and you get to enjoy him for a little bit.
    No snow for us this year so far, just gads and gads of rain….

  7. You got your ingredient after all.

    I honestly have never seen a snowman kit before. I like the box it came in. A fun, thoughtful gift.

    Yes, I am sick of snow. The local news reported today that we broke the all-time snow record for our area of Ohio. The most snow since 1914.

    Funny how I was looking at the picture and noticed green grass, then you mentioned it yourself. No green grass here, ha! Our grass turns brown pretty quickly after the first hard freeze.

    Loved the post. 🙂

  8. What a cute little kit! I would have loved one of those when my kids were little.
    It has been a strange winter. My daughter near Norfolk,Va got more snow than that region had seen in 20 years – since she was eight!

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