Keeping My Promise

I haven’t shared any of my projects in awhile and I promised one of you that I would cough up my pattern for………


And I’m keeping that promise!

Since I had a halfhearted pattern that I scribbled down as I was making the the first one, I decided to make another and chronicle the steps as I go.

This is for you, Klutzy Mama .

And anyone else who is handy with a crochet needle.

This is a very simple project. Great start for a beginner.

This is the yarn I used.

There are other brands out there. 

Just make sure you use 100% cotton. It’s more durable and absorbent than the polyester blend.

There are lots of colors to choose from.

I really like the textured look that the yarn “twists” gives.

Using a G size hook,

I ch 42.

Row 1: In third ch from hook,  hdc and continue across to end, ch 2 and turn. (40 hdc)

Row 2:  hdc in first hdc and across to end, ch 2 and turn. (40 hdc)

Row 3-10: repeat row 2. (40 hdc per row)

Row 11-24: hdc 15 times, ch 2, turn. (15 hdc per row)

Fold over to opposite side, match up corners, join with slip stitch across. (15 slip stitches)

Tie off.

Then I attach yarn at opposite end of base, ch 2, and begin rows 11-24 again.

Which gives you this.

Fold over, join with slip stitch and complete as instructed above.

Your project is complete.

Put one side on your mop system at a time.

Smooth it across bottom and stretch to put the other side on.

That’s what I love about yarn. It’s so forgiving. You can stretch it and it goes right back in place.

Now you are ready to clean your floors.

These take a little more work as you don’t just throw them away.

I rinse them out well by hand and throw them in with the towels to be washed.

They are economically and environmentally friendly.

I have made several of them. I usually end up with leftover cotton yarn from other projects.

 I save the leftovers up until I have enough to make one of these.

Yes, they are psychadelic, because of the yarn scraps.

But who cares, I’m using them to clean, they are gonna get dirty.

And I have saved myself some money, by using the leftover scraps and not needing to purchase the throw away refills.

They are very easy to make.

Depending on how fast you crochet, you can make one of these while watching evening tv. Or during your daily “soaps”.

Be sure to let me know if you make these. I love to share my patterns.

And it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling just knowing someone actually uses them.

And in this cold weather….I can use all the WARM and FUZZY I can get.


**There is a possiblity that I may have made a mistake in the pattern, I am not perfect. So if you find such a mistake, please let me know so I can correct it.**

19 comments on “Keeping My Promise

  1. Oh Becky….that is just amazing! I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet….the only thing I ever accomplished was a chain. I even have the book “Crocheting for DUMMIES”…..but I am not good at self learning….I need an instructor. I think that little creation of yours is really great…..and I agree with Peaches….I want one or two!! Girl, you are awesome!!

  2. I haven’t crocheted in years but I’m going to have to find my needle and some yarn for this!

    Like I said, it’s been a long, long time so I even had to look up what ‘hdc’ meant. Then I googled for a how-to and found this YouTube video that might help others:

    Thanks bunches!

  3. I just copied this and saved for future use. I will try making one as soon as I pick up some cotton yarn. Thanks for sharing. I have one of those swifter mops, but no covers at the moment.

  4. I’m making my Christmas list right now! I have a floor mop that came with velcro on reusable pads, but this would be a great gift for several family members I know that have dust mops that use the disposables.

  5. Great pattern! I’m almost done my first one and plan to make a couple more.
    Thanks for this. It has inspired me to come up with one for my Hoover steam mop as well 🙂

  6. Thanks for this pattern — I’ve been looking to make some of these for a while now. I’m new to crocheting and just finished my first one easily thanks to your easy-to-follow directions. Now to make a couple more!

  7. I have just finished one of your mop covers and am in the process of making another one. Your pattern is simpler than others I have tried. thank you for the pattern.

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