Photo Poll

There’s not really a whole lot going on here on the farm.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

There’s lots of things going on.

Like….painting, homework and all the mundane things that take up the hours of the day.

But nothing really interesting.

So I thought I’d show you some pictures I’ve taken over the last few months.

While I rattle on about absolutely nothing.

Hope you enjoyed them!

I haven’t added a poll lately.

So I thought I’d add one here.




11 comments on “Photo Poll

  1. Becky: I thought that “Grain Tower” was a double decker out house and was wondering how you used the second deck. Maybe you had to “Stretch” to get in it. I also enjoyed the “Mushrooms”.

  2. I’m assuming Stretch is one of your many dogs, I voted for him. Not much going on here, except for snow. Granddaughter is hoping school will be closed again tomorrow because of the weather, and if we get the additional they are calling for along with the winds, it probably will be. Thursday was to be what they call Star day, every couple of months they get out early, like at 1pm and then Friday teacher’s have a conference or something so no school for the students and Monday is Presidents Day. So she will be having a lot of time off. Thursday is also suppose to be their Valentine Party.

  3. Liked your pictures….I voted for the swing tree….brought back memories….I love to swing. I love the way you always have something to post….when you have so much to do….I’d like to come up with ideas like you do…I always look forward to reading your posts.

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