One Day at a Time

As I sit here this Sunday afternoon, the week ahead is on my mind.

It will be a busy one. Probably not as busy as yours, but busy none the less.

I have school to attend, both online and on campus. Tests are coming up that I must study for.

There’s washing, cooking, sewing, cleaning, painting and personal belongings to deliver.

And a whole host of other things that will be thrown in on a whim.

Cause that’s just how life is here on the farm.

And that’s just the inside chores.

There’s critters to be fed and looked after. It won’t stop raining, so I won’t even think about the fencework that needs finishing.

That is a sensitive subject that I won’t talk about right now.

It’s too painful.


The math has brought on enough tears by itself, I don’t need to add any fuel to the fire.

The math? Oh, I’m getting it slowly. But the class is fast. You know, 2 years worth of learning crammed into 16 weeks.

Just when I begin to get a handle on it, they throw in linear equations.

I have also been working with my camera. Since I can’t use it indoors with the automatic settings, I’m determined to learn how to use the manual settings.

And I will!

But it takes beautiful pictures outdoors.

Like this one……

Hey, Fishing Guy! Spirit says, “Hi”!


But don’t worry about me!

 I’ll be taking life one day at a time and getting done what needs to be done, the same as everyone else.


11 comments on “One Day at a Time

  1. Oh, my dear friend Becky….you sound a little down and over whelmed. You will get through it with God’s help….just lean on Him….He will supply your every need….may even throw in some of your wants….of of this will pass. Love you!

    Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

  2. Hi Becky,
    Your life does sound a bit like mine but we have snow instead of rain. I ran in the ditch going to work this morning. Was rescued by my husband, so am back home with another snow day.

  3. Becky: Math is just logic and after you learn math it is a breeze. My camera does good inside, at worst just raise the flash to get more light.
    Hi Spirit: You must have learned that tongue thing from my deer.

  4. Your life sounds like mine–only completely different. Just crammed full. A few years back a good friend told me she gave up living one day at a time and went to half-a-day. That really helped me.

  5. I do not think you sound overwhelmed. I think you sund determined.

    I read advice a few days ago and wish I could remember where I found it. It talked about how a busy person should always give something up when they take something new on. It makes sense.
    I really do need to do an inventory of what I do and slim it down.

    We are expecting another large snowfall with very strong winds at the end. The kids are on their way as well. I pray that they remain in their warm place this week!

  6. Love the pic of Spirit with her tongue stuck out! That is priceless! If you need any help with your math, please dont hesitate to call, come by, or email it to me so that I can see what you need help with! It sounds like I have already done the things you are working on, so I can probly help you out! luv ya!

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