Farm Photo 38

Considering all the wet sloppy weather we’ve had this winter……

This is one of the conditions one must live with if you are determined to live in the country.

It’s a small price to pay!



12 comments on “Farm Photo 38

  1. Here in the big city, we have all the black stuff thrown on us by all the other vehicles. I don’t which is worse, what you get in the country, or what you get in the city. It all calls for a good carwash, which fortunately, we have in the big city.

  2. Oh yes, Becky, I know what you mean. I could post a photo that will make your’s look clean….but it is raining today and we are going to town…so maybe some of it will get washed off.

  3. Oh yes. I have a nice looking truck that looks bad because why bother to wash it when it gets muddy again right away? And, who really cares? Spring is coming!

  4. Don’t see that around here, we see snow caked on the tires and cars. Between Melissa and myself we got the driveway and walks open, walks are only a path, large enough for one person, but I figure hey, who’s going to be out walking in this stuff at 22 degrees.

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