The Strange Continues

Last week, I published a post about the strange weather this year.

Saturday and Sunday, our trees had a layer of ice.

My pecan trees had sparkly tips.

The sunlight reflecting off the ice had some gorgeous views.

There were icicles hanging from leaves.

Could they be called treecicles?

Even the oak leaves that are hanging on for dear life didn’t escape the ice.

The ice was too heavy for the zebra grass.

The poor lamb’s ear was frozen in place.

The snow was frozen so hard that I didn’t leave a trace of footprints as I walked through.

The birds were thankful I had filled their feeder just a day before.

Most of you agree that Mother Nature hasn’t quite been herself.

She can’t make up her mind exactly what she wants to do.

Just a week before, we had torrential rain and high winds.

Calling for tornado warnings.

And just a few days before that, I had all the doors and windows in the house open and I was wearing shorts and no shoes.

Threatening to turn on the air conditioner.

All this in January!

I’m wondering……

Could Mother Nature be having a mid-life crisis?

Or worse yet….

Could it be menopause?

Lord, help us if it is!!!


14 comments on “The Strange Continues

  1. It’s been weird here too, but then it’s always weird in the winter here. If it is menopause, I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen from here on out!!!

  2. Nice pictures, Becky…..your are right about the weather….sure has been different this winter….makes one wonder what next.
    I think we are all ready for spring….happy groundhog’s day!

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