Think Twice Before You Answer


If you are reading this with children present, it may bring about questions you are not ready to answer.

Just wanted to caution you before you read.

I don’t normally post something of this nature, but……….well, you’ll understand.

Read on.

One day last week I had to make a trip over to the school to take a test.

The class is online, but I must go to the school to take tests.


Well, so they can monitor your every move and make certain that you don’t have the opportunity to cheat.


 You are not allowed to take anything personal inside the test room with you.

They have a wall of cute little lockers to put your things in and take the key with you.

That, a pencil and the test ARE all you are allowed to take into the room with you.

Like I would cheat!


But some, I guess, do.

Okay, I’ll stop chasing rabbits now. Back to the subject!

Just as I pulled into the school parking lot, my cell phone rang.

Hmmmm, private number?

Normally, I would not answer that. But with my brother in the hospital and me being his only family contact, I thought it could possibly be a Dr. calling.

That would explain, “private number”. After all, if I were a Dr., I wouldn’t want people knowing my personal number. That is, if I were calling from a personal number.

So I answer. I hear a muffled male voice say, “Whatcha doin’?”

Not really recognizing the voice, I say, “Nothin’, whatchoo doin’?”

All the while trying to recognize the deep male voice of this person on my phone.

He says back to me one single word, that I couldn’t really comprehend. I thought I understood, but not sure.

The voice sounded kinda familiar, but I wasn’t sure.

Remember, I drive a diesel truck. It’s loud, (I had the window partially down) and the voice I was hearing was not very loud.

I roll the window up and say, “Excuse me?” And shut the truck off.

A little louder, this male voice on the other end says, “Masturbatin””.


Alrighty, then!

Thanks for sharing that info, weirdo idiot, whoever you are.

I said, “Well, have fun!”


I mean really!

 Why did he feel the need to share that with me; a total stranger?

With the truck off and the window up I could hear the voice loud and clear.

No, it was not someone I know.

And I don’t think I know anyone who would like to share that personal information with me or anyone else.

Nor, do I think I’ve ever met anyone who would.

There are some strange people in this world!

What goes through someone’s mind just before they hit the call button.

“Oh, I’m having so much fun here, I just need to share it with someone!???????”


“This feels so good I can’t possibly be alone. I have to call someone, just so I can hear a voice.”


What are they thinking?????

So, let this be a warning to you.

If you get a call on your cell phone that shows up “private number”…..

Think twice before you answer it!

It just might be that weirdo idiot that called me last week.


Seriously, I could not make this kind of stuff up! And why does it happen to me?!


17 comments on “Think Twice Before You Answer

  1. Sick, sick, sick! I am so sorry you had to hear that…I try not to think about weirdos like this…and I guess there really isn’t anything you can do about it..unless he keeps calling huh?

  2. I know that just made your day. Sorry, Becky. The evil things of this world are waxing worse and worse…just like the Bible predicted. I never answer a private caller…thanks for sharing this experience so others will be warned.

    Hope your brother is doing OK.

    Love you girl!

  3. I don’t generally answer if I don’t recognize a number or get one that says “private number”. I figure if they need me bad enough they’ll leave a message. But I understand your reason for answering. So sorry it was a call like that.

  4. Becky: One weirdo does not a world make. A lot of people I know have the phones set to private number. I guess you just have to be prepared for the worst but expect the best from people. I got that type of call today and it was Amvets asking if we could make a donation.

  5. LOL!!! Sorry, this made me laugh!

    I had an obscene caller once and I played along so well that I embarrassed him and he hung up on me!! But you may know- I don’t embarass easily, if at all.

  6. Sounds like he was just punching in numbers and taking a chance. At least we hope that’s what it was and not someone who might have your phone number. Hey how about that weirdo that lives across the field that has guns? Perhaps he’s found another form of entertainment. LOL I got a call one time, before we had phones with caller ID, I was so shocked, I just hung up, the kids and Abe were sitting around the table, we were eating, and when they said who was that, I said some weirdo. Abe said what did they want, and I told him I would tell him later, it shocked me so much I whispered in Abe’s ear later. But that bothered me for the longest time. We had teenage daughters at the time, I don’t know if this was someone they knew or not, but it shocked me. Now we have called ID and if I don’t know the number, I don ‘t pick it up, let it go to the answering machine.

  7. I’m a little concerned by this. I’ve never had any SPAN or totally unwelcome calls on my cell phone. But we just had to get my 8-year-old a cell phone because she’s living a LOOOOONG way from us at the moment. She’s been getting weird texts. Thankfully she only uses her phone to call us SOMETIMES–when the schedules mean she won’t be at “home” to call. So she doesn’t see what is coming in most of the time, but what’s up with that?

  8. NICE…… I had a man pull up in the car next to me doing the same thing…..Sorry for the visual….

    Made me sick too….. It was about 20 years ago and a friend of mine was in the car ith me…..We both screamed…

    He had no licese plate on his car….Guess that was his way of remaining “private”…..

  9. I had that happen to me once and I misunderstood with my bad hearing. I thought he was saying something about a master card and kept arguing why we didn’t want any. He kept repeating himself and finally got mad and hung up. Guess I took all the wind out of his sails…..haha. After he hung up I got to thinking and figured out what he was trying to say. Then I got the last laugh.

  10. My thoughts go along with Patti’s. Before caller ID these kind of folks punched in numbers and hoped they would find somebody to talk to. With caller ID the old obscene phone call tricks died out because it was too easy to get caught. I remember when it was new a call came and I didn’t know the number but answered it anyway. Turned out to be an obscene call. When I told him I had caller ID and knew the number he hung up.
    You were in a position that it could have been a call you needed to get because of your brother and didn’t have a choice. I don’t answer ones I don’t know. I figure if it’s legit they will leave me a message.

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