No Longer Greek

As most of you know, I have returned to school.

The first two courses I must take are prerequisites.

College Mathematics and English Composition.

Math and me are like oil and water. We just don’t mix.

Oh, I can add, subtract, multiply and divide with the best of ’em.

But when you start throwing in fractions, integers, letters and other things…….. I’m lost.

Well, I was.

All those strange algebriac characters are beginning to make sense.

I’m no longer seeing GREEK.

And all I can say is……………..YAY!

You see,  I’ve wanted to understand Math. But in my younger years I just couldn’t grasp Algebra.

Maybe, I didn’t put forth the necessary effort.

Or possibly, my mind was elsewhere.

Who knows!

Now when I see those parenthesis, brackets, dots and such, I know what they mean.

Not only do I know what they mean, I know what to do with them.

Most of the time, anyway.

English Composition is NOT what I expected.

In high school, I remember verbs, nouns, adjectives, reading plays, breaking down sentences…….

This is not at all like that.

For example,

my first assignment was a 300+ word essay about ME.

Okay, I write on this blog almost daily.

About things that go on around the farm. Things we do, things others do and those cows that terrify the life outta me.

But to write 300+ words about me???? An educational biography.

 That was a challenge.

My rough draft ended with 274 words. That’s 26 words short of what I was required to write.

I understand that normally when someone writes a rough draft, it’s usually too wordy and must be cut back.

That was not the case.

I did finally get it written and submitted, just over 300 words. And glad it was over!

The next assignment, well, it was for extra credit, because the instructor ended a class email with “TTFN”.

Another student asked what “TTFN” meant.

So the instructor offered extra credit to anyone who could tell of it’s origin and what character in literature used “TTFN” as a signature phrase.

The next assignment will be a 450+ word essay.

I don’t remember writing essays or even knowing what a thesis was in high school.

So, if I come up missing for a bit, don’t worry, I’ll have my nose buried in a college textbook wondering………..

“Why can’t they ask me to write an essay about the good, the bad and the evil side of the bovine species?”


Oh, and TTFN!


17 comments on “No Longer Greek

  1. Congratulations, Becky….glad you caught on to the math….after all….you are a smart girl. As far as the essays go….you will do just fine there because you have a knack with words. Keep us posted on this new adventure of yours.

  2. (Guffawing!) I’m sure you can work in that bovine essay into SOME assignment SOMEWHERE!

    Good for you going back to school, and I’m so glad you are “getting” math.

    I could easily write a 300-word essay about YOU! I wonder why it was difficult for you?!

  3. I started college when I was 40. I had to take a remedial math class, just to be able to open the college algebra book. But it finally clicked and I made it through. I hated writing essays too, but finally got the hang of that too.

    My youngest daughter has gone back to school this semester taking a couple of classes online. She’s had a hard time getting back in the swing of studying. She has a supportive husband and two giggly little girls to work around, but she’s getting there.

  4. Oh Becky. Becky, Becky, Becky – this confirms it. We really are long lost sisters. I am actually allergic to math. It’s true.
    I think you are going to do great in school. It sounds like an awesome adventure!

  5. well, l@@kie at you I did not know that Becky. (been a lil out of touch)Congratulations to you for going back. That’s awesome I am Proud of you!

  6. Good luck, you will do just fine. Is that the Longwood Reader you’ll using in English composition? If it is, that’s about all you’ll do all semester is write different types of essays. You will learn a lot about writing, when my son had it in college I loved learning right along with him. As far as math goes, forget it. As far as I ever went in school was high school geometry. I loved algebra and hated geometry. If you have a good teacher, you will do fine. My kids were a whiz at math, don’t know where they got it from. . .not me.

  7. Yuck! Math makes me cry! Glad you’re getting it, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us as well. My daughter called last night and right before we hung up she told me that she had to go and divide some polynomials. Made me shudder even thinking about it!

    As Tigger always said – TTFN!

  8. Becky: If I ever say Ta Ta to you just shoot me.
    I’m an Engineer and math was my minor. I would help you in any way I can with math. Just ask and I’ll do what I can.


  9. That’s so great that you’re understanding things better! Maybe I would too, if I went back now. I’m glad you are liking it! Younger people just don’t know what things mean like they should.

  10. Yay for you!! I had a similar experience with math that I never understood in school-but when I went to college viola I did. For me it was the crazy metric system. You are a fantastic writer-so just remember that when you’re pounding out the essays.

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