Strange Indeed

This past Sunday, strong storms moved through the southeast.

Tornado watches were issued.



Roads were flooded and trees were down all over.

I thought I’d share a few pictures from here on the farm.

Fallen branches blocked the driveway.

You can see how the water flowed across the yard by the lines of debris left behind.

There are puddles everywhere. And when you walk, the rain soaked ground squishes.

There is a small pond forming in my yard.

The strong winds howled even into most of the day Monday, after the storm moved on.

The pompass grass is missing most of it’s fuzzy tops.

Broken by the wind.

And lying here and there.

 But those oak trees are hanging onto their leaves.

My screen shelter was blown over.

The ground is so soft, from the never ending rain, that the stakes didn’t hold it down.

I don’t know how bad the damage is…..

I’m afraid to look!

I am so DONE with all this rain.

I know that when summer gets here I’ll be praying for rain again.

I just wish Mother Nature would spread it all through out the year.

Instead of weeks with rain and weeks without rain.

This has indeed been a strange year…..weatherwise, that is.

12 comments on “Strange Indeed

  1. In the South West we are having rain storms!
    Great photos by the way.

    …if I don’t make haste, I shall have to go back through the looking-glass…back into the old room-and there’d be an end of all my adventures!

    Sending my ‘curiouser & curiouser’ thoughts through the looking-glass.

  2. The sun is shining bright this morning. Tomorrow’s forecast is much the same but Thursday we’re supposed to be hit by a winter storm worse than the one we had at Christmas – this one with ice too. It has been a strange Winter so far. Makes me wonder what Spring will be like.

  3. Oh you’re poor shelter!
    I know how you feel. On Sunday, it was in the 50’s and last night it dumped a bunch of snow and the roads are all icy now.

  4. Oh my!! You did get a storm!! Yes I feel like the weather is really strange this year. We had a 4.0 earthquake here in Okla last week and another one Saturday night 3.7 …Tornados I can handle because we have warning and can get to shelter, but these earthquakes are strange and unpredictable..

  5. It certainly has been different this winter. I believe it is a sign of the times. I believe that soon Christ is going to split the eastern sky. I believe that everything is falling into place…our redemption draweth nigh. I’m looking for Him.

  6. That is a mess!

    I knew there were tornado warnings out, even in Arizona, of all strange places. Makes a person think!

    Our ground is saturated. Each time I walk on it I think I am pulling grass up by the roots.

    Thankfully, January is nearly over. Spring will be here before we know it!:)

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