Wheedle Word 19

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Wheedle Word.

In fact, it’s been so long that I forgot what it was and had to go back and look it up.

The last one was…..


When I read or hear that word I immediately think of New Year’s and all the resolutions made at the stroke of midnight.

Some kept, some not. But all declared with good intentions.

I didn’t make a resolution this year, cause things are so unstable around here right now that I know that I may not be able to follow through with it.

I’m just tackling things as they come along. I’ll get to the future goals as time allows and things get a little more constant.

So, now for a new Wheedle Word.

How about the word….


That should bring a smile to your face.

tee hee

For those of you wondering what a Wheedle Word is………..click here!


15 comments on “Wheedle Word 19

  1. The first thing that came to my mind was a birthday party I was invited to when I was a child. It had a hobo theme and the invitations came in a bandana tied to a stick. Don’t remember the party events but I so remember that invitation. Thanks for the memory recall!

  2. It immediatley brought to mind ‘the littlest hobo’ ~ remember the tv show? And the theme song to it ~ thank you ~ it brought a smile to my face and i’ve been humming the tune for the past couple of hour now 🙂

  3. Well this is crazy-but it makes me think of my girls and their friends. They are all obsessed with hobos-and talk about them all the time-no kidding it’s true.

  4. I think of the fellows my mother used to feed who walked the trains across the highway from our house. She would always make them a plate from whatever we had left over, and they sat on the front porch while they ate.

    She always had to make me go inside because I wanted to ask them questions while they ate.

    Oh and there’s Freddy the Freeloader(Red Skelton)

  5. I immediately thought of a cartoon character with a kerchief tied to a stick, carried over s shoulder, holding all of his wordly possessions.

    Not really a funny thing…but somehow I hear the voice of Buggs Bunny.


  6. I can picture an old movie where hobos are sitting beside a train track. I always daydreamed when I was young that it would be fun to catch a train and go places. I didn’t consider being homeless and having to sleep in the nearby woods. 🙂
    Red Skelton comes to mind.

  7. I thought of my Great Grandmother’s Wiener Dog. His name was Hobo. He was a stray who came to the farm one snowy winter and live a very long and happy life.

  8. This brings to mind a picture I remember from my youth. Men with sticks with bandanas tied to the end that held their stuff. I always thought they lived near the railroad tracks.

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