Makes Me Smile – Uncle Pauley

With all the stress I face each day, I’m always looking for something to make me smile.

Anyone remember these?

Uncle Pauley. The bird who tips, drinks and back up again.

I remember my Mom having one of these in the kitchen window when I was a child.

I ran across them in my local grocery store the other day and just had to have one.

You know, for nastalgia.

Anything that reminds me of my parents, makes me smile.


So what’s making you smile today?


9 comments on “Makes Me Smile – Uncle Pauley

  1. Wow – me either!

    Making me smile today.. my little boy who loves Goldfish. He’s 7 months but is already plowing his way through his sister’s crackers… probably BECAUSE they are “hers”.

  2. OH! My Grandpa had two of those dipsy birds. I loved watching them. Good find!
    Oatmeal cookies fresh out of the oven are making me smile today, along with your dipsy bird.

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