As Long As I’m Capable

When ya live on a farm, the work is never done.

You may finish a task, but there’s always another waiting.

Like this for instance.

Auto repair is a normal thing around here.

From basic maintenance, to major overhauls. We do it all here on the farm.

For instance, last year we rebuilt a tractor and a four wheeler.

This one was a transmission replacement.

The Captain has just as much on his list as I do. And often my help is required for him to complete something he’s working on.

Sometimes he needs an extra hand or two, or maybe just a fresh perspective.

I helped with this job, although I don’t have the strength he needed, not that there was room under there for both of us anyway, I helped by controlling the floor jack. And being a go-fer, but that comes with the territory.

It was one of those cases when extra hands and a different view helped get that monster in place.

Let me tell you, it was cold lying on my belly on that cold concrete. But as long as I’m capable I’ll be right beside my Captain helping him do whatever we needs doing.

Next on the list…..

the bathroom floor.

The Captain and his Dad will tackle that one while I paint the livingroom and dining room.

It’s too cold to be outside working and the ground won’t dry up enough to pull barbed wire so we can finish the pasture fence.

Guess we’ll be waiting for Spring to arrive to finish that job.

Until then, we’ll be getting a few needed things done inside the house.




12 comments on “As Long As I’m Capable

  1. It takes team work, Becky…and you make a good team mate. Of course that goes for all married couples, whether they live on a farm or not…team work is a necessity….without it things just don’t work out very well. That’s what some young couples need to learn today….to look out for each other and what you have in common…..not just look out for #1. I believe that you and the Captain make a good team.

  2. The maintenance and repair stuff around here is what my husband loves most about living in the country. He just loves projects. I help whenever and wherever I can but I’m more of an inside type person.

  3. There is always something to repair isn’t there. It drives me nuts when I hear people say, “I don’t have anything to do.” There is always something to do, we may not want to do it, BUT there is always something to do!! Show photos of your paint job!!

  4. Yeah on getting a few things done in the house! That’s what winters for. I’m hoping to get flooring in our basement laundry room in the next couple of weeks and cover up the cold grey concrete floor.

  5. That’s so sweet that you and the Captain can work so well together. Brian and I don’t do so good with that. We usually end up arguing.
    And I hope you’re gonna share some before and afters of your work inside!

  6. Me and you have similar jobs with our husbands! At least y’all have concrete, my husband really wishes he had something to lay on besides the ground. Yesterday he had to take a starter off for someone. He was all bundled up with shirts, jackets, and a tobagan. It’s really nice to have men who are so talented!

  7. Unfortunately, no one really knows how to work on cars around here, or we could save a lot of money on repair bills. I hope you get your inside work done.

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