Farm Photo 35

When the temperatures start dropping.

On the farm we start all the vehicles and equipment.

Let them run long enough to get to operating temperatures.

 It just helps keep them in good running condition.

And on a farm that is important.


8 comments on “Farm Photo 35

  1. How often do you have to do that? And how cold is it there? How long do your winters last there? I’m just full of questions, aren’t I? 🙂

  2. I love the sound of the cling-clang thingy on the top of a tractor’s exhaust pipe. I know, there is a correct name for it. LOL!

    I am tired of this frigid mess! They are calling for low 30’s early next week. It will feel like spring!!

  3. I can remember as a kid, my grandfather use to run an extension cord with this thing they called a trouble light, and hang it in side the motor of his car, then throw this old blanket that looked like a horse blanket over the hood. Guess it worked, he was always able to start his car right up. I can also remember how people took a piece of cardboard and would put behind the grill work on their car to help keep their radiator from getting too cold. They call them the cold ole days. Brrrr. I don’t seem to get around as much as I use to, between taking care of extra thing sin the winter, answering my e-mails and playing on FaceBook. But I’ll try harder. Happy week-end.

  4. We’ve been having to warm up our cars a lot. There was a thick layer of ice under the snow this morning on our car. Sure wish we could get our cars in the garage.

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