Wheedle Word 18

Good Morning, Teammates!

And happy Wednesday to you!

Christmas 2009 is now in the past and the new year is almost upon us.

Are you ready?

The last Christmas themed Wheedle Word was….

“Christmas Cheer”

That phrase makes me think of party decorations with reds, greens, silver and gold, dishes of food and lots of happy faces geeting eachother with hugs.

Holiday happiness spread all around.

That’s Christmas cheer to me.

Now, for next week’s Wheedle Word.

With the new year approaching , I’m thinking the new Wheedle Word could be….


This should bring on some interesting thoughts.

Just in case you are new here and wondering what a Wheedle Word is…………..click here!


14 comments on “Wheedle Word 18

  1. Resolution brings a few thoughts to mind.

    The resolution to lose unwanted pounds in 2009 did not work.

    Putting goals and due dates on paper did work.

    So…for 2010, I will set reasonable goals, measurable, with expected dates due!!

    How’s that for an answer.

    Happy New Year!

  2. For me resolution means “wishful thinking”. In other words, it is an unkept promise to yourself for expectations that you know deep in your mind most of us cannot keep! Atleast I havent yet! lol

  3. Resolution makes me think of things I need to improve upon. Like self-improvement type of things.

    BTW – for the Chicken Supreme recipe I used the boxed stuffing mix with the seasonings mixed in. Hope you try the recipe. We really like it.

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