Twenty Minute Drive

Part of our tradition at Christmas time is taking a drive out to see all the lighted Christmas displays.

This year, The Captain’s parents told us about a new one that someone had taken them to last year.

So we set off to find it. I didn’t take my camera.



But the next night (Christmas Eve), we took our daughter and her family to see it, and that time I did remember the rabbit.


We estimated there to be around 400 big and little Christmas trees lit up. Some twinkling, some not.

The pictures here just DOES NOT do this display justice.

Especially when they turn out like this.

Sorry if that hurt your eyes! That picture can bring on total confusion.

I’m still having trouble focusing.

It’s so hard to take pictures of lights without getting a blur.

Thousand of little colored lights lit up this farm along a two lane highway, but that wasn’t the real show.

Those who only stopped or slowed to enjoy the lights only enjoyed part of the show.

There was a pond, surrounded by little Christmas trees, which only reflected more of the beauty.

There was a sign asking you to tune into a local radio station playing Christmas music.

And wishing all a Merry Christmas.

The little trees around the pond were syncronized with the music from the radio station and put on quite a display to the beat of the music.

Some of those trees weren’t even seen until they began flashing with the music.

Here are some lesser quality, closer shots of the trees around the pond.

The trees that aren’t as bright as the other lights my camera caught just as the little tree lights were coming on or going off.

Don’t miss all the lights in the background.

The one’s who didn’t stop or didn’t see the sign really missed the main part of the Christmas light show.

The drive was only about 20 minutes from my house, and well worth the trip out there.

This year I haven’t had the Christmas spirit as I should have, or have had in the past.

We did very little decorating. Only the basics.

After visiting this show that took months to set up I will admit I felt a little guilty for not setting out our Christmas displays.

There’s always next year.

And whether or not I get in the spirit and set up our Christmas displays nex year….

you can bet I’ll be making that 20 minute drive, further out in the country, to enjoy this Christmas show again.


15 comments on “Twenty Minute Drive

  1. Becky, I will start with saying I did not have my normal Christmas spirit and I am not sure I am going to get it back. It does not feel depressing to me, it just does not feel as “real” to me as it once did. My faith is strong, the glitz and glimmer is different.

    I love the photos, especially the one with the reflections on the pond. I wanted to go sit in the middle of it all.

    Take care.

  2. that is the one we have been telling you about for 5 years now to go and see! they add on ever year! It is awsome!! We go to see it at least 2 time a year! they start at halloween putting lights up and start the display at thanksgiving! Glad you guys made it out there to see it.

  3. How pretty! That’s one thing that I’m sad to say we didn’t do this year…drive around and look at all the pretty lights. We normally put some lights up, but nothing like these people have done, that’s amazing!

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