Farm Photo 34

Three trees.

All the same.


All the same age, planted on the same day.

All on different sides of the house.

But look at the difference.

South side.

East side.

North side.

You can tell the one on the east gets the most sun. It’s less brown.

And the one on the north gets the most wind. No leaves.

These pictures were all taken the same day, back in November.

Most of our trees have lost their leaves now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too fond of naked trees.



9 comments on “Farm Photo 34

  1. I really need to learn more about the different Oaks. We have some that like to run around in the winter naked and some that are a little more modest and prefer to stay covered. Then we have those menopausal (sp) trees that shed their clothes on and off throughout the year!

  2. Naked trees have been the norm for a while here. 🙂

    This morning I noticed the tan bleached out (frozen) look to the grass and ground. I look forward to seeing green again!

  3. Same here, Becky….but they will be back. According to our weather report, our trees are going to be getting a coat of white tonight and tomorrow. I might get some pics.

  4. So interesting how different the trees are growing. When the girls were little one of them noticed the process of trees and bushes loosing thier leaves for the first time- she said “oh no momma look your blueberries are naked”.

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