Wheedle Word 16

Happy Wednesday, Team Fencepost!

Last week’s Wheedle Word was….


One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Silver Bells”.

City sidewalk, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style…….

 And, like mother, like daughter…..my favorite version is sang by The Judds. You can see, in last week’s comments, that my daughter’s (Peaches) first thought was the same song, sang by the same artists.

I think the first person I ever heard sing that song was Burl Ives. Anyone remember him?

View Image

(picture borrowed from Google Images) (Thank you, Google!)

My parents had an album of Christmas songs sang by him. I still love the sound of his voice.

So, continuing on with the CHRISTMAS Wheedle theme, it’s time for a new word.

How about the word….


What does that make you think of?

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14 comments on “Wheedle Word 16

  1. Festive makes me think of spending Christmas with my family. My mom has 7 brothers and sisters. They all have children and some of us kids have kids ourselves. We all cram ourselves into my Mamaw’s tiny house on Christmas night and we have a ball. Eating, opening presents, playing games and just spending time together. I definitely have a very “festive” family.

  2. Festive – when I lived in Indianapolis, used to make a trip downtown to see the lights around the circle, and to visit the beautiful Christmas settings in the store windows.

  3. Christmas lights and decorations. Something of which I don’t think you’ve shared with us yet, Becky. I know, I haven’t either…but they are the same as last year….except maybe less….I haven’t been in a very festive mood this year.

  4. I think we had that Burl Ives holiday album, too. That is a particularly dashing picture of him!

    Since I’m catching up,I’ll say “Carol of the…” “bells.” One of my favorites. But I like “Silver Bells” a lot, too. (Especially Dean Martin singing it!!!)

    Festive is tougher. To me it means baking and decorating and making gifts. And making gives LOOK festive. I love wrapping a beautiful gift. I spend WAY. TOO. MUCH time wrapping because each one has to be a festive work of art.

  5. Oh yes! I remember Burl Ives and do have a Christmas CD his. One of my favorites. Bells makes me think of Christmas as well. Silver Bells, Bells on Bob’s tail ring, and such. Time to put on some Christmas carols…

  6. uh hello?! He is the Snowman and narrator to one of my all time favorite Christmas show! Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer. he he I love that reminds me of being a kid.:) I am pretty partial to you too my sweet friend.

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