A Little Confused

Recently, I’ve been telling you about my iris digging and how it took me a whole day to dig up over 1200 iris rhizomes.

One of the friends I have met through blogging, well, I haven’t met her face to face, but we are friends none the less.

Which is one of the things I absolutely love about writing this blog, is I have met so many wonderful friends that I never would have had the chance to meet otherwise.

And if you are reading this, consider yourself as one of those wonderful friends.

Back to the iris’….

My friend sent me a box full of iris’ from her garden.

Please excuse the poor photo quality. I am still having rabbit issues and no one can seem to tell me the problem. Including camera shops, which are few and far between in my area. Actually, I had to go to the big city to even find a repair shop.

I know you are asking yourself, “With over 1200 iris’, what does Becky need with another box full?”

Well as I’ve told you, all of my iris’ are purple. The ones she sent are NOT purple. And I can’t wait to see what colors I’ll get. With Karen’s help, I have decided to plant them in a seperate bed until I see what colors I get. I am hoping they bloom this spring. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. I’ll keep you updated on their progress. Thank you, Karen!

In other news….

I have been making candles. I began with the pile of candles that I have had stashed here on the farm for emergencies. That pile were all unscented old candles. More unscented than I’ll ever use.

Here are just a few from that pile….


I matched up similar colors and began melting them down.


I didn’t realize that they would melt down so quickly in a double boiler type setting. Guess I’m used to the candle wick flame melting slowly.

Then poured them into some of my many jelly jars.

These are the only colors I have melted so far.

I have some blue and purple candles left to melt. But I’m using those to make home made fire starters. I’ll be using cardboard egg cartons, dryer lint and candle wax. I’ve heard that they work well, so I’m giving it a try and reusing things that would normally be thrown away. I’m sure that my laundry room would make you snicker when you noticed the egg cartons sitting atop the dryer with the little cups filled with dryer lint. I just fill as I go.

Keeping track of the blogs I read, and the posts I haven’t read yet, is easy with Google Reader. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It makes things so much easier. Just set up a Google mail account and then look for Google Reader. It’s rather simple.

The reason I brought up Google Reader though, is because in the background it shows my current weather. Rain, clouds, sun…..

Today……..it’s showing SNOW.

Ummmm, it’s not snowing.  It is cloudy and misty outside, but not snowing. It’s 60 degrees out there. I don’t think there is much of a chance of snow.

It must be a little confused.

But that’s okay, I have those days, too.


10 comments on “A Little Confused

  1. You know I can’t wait to see what you do with those Iris !! Smart to melt your unused candles to make more unused candles…tee hee!! gonna check out those fire starters…now I’m confused!

  2. I love Google Reader. Lately, finding the time to go there is another story. I have it on my phone as well. That is how I am here today. 🙂

    I look forward to seeing your new iris colors!

    Not sure why you mentioned the dryer lint and egg cartons. I think I missed something. Ha! Funny anyhow.

    The candles look good. I am still working on getting mine where I want them to be.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Yes friend, me too. OOOOOOHHHHH you make candles that is sooo cool! I seem to stay away from “messy” crafts even though i would like to do it. You can get scents at the craft store for your candles. I’m not sure how to do natural scents maybe oils? Sounds like a good research topic. You are being very productive these days. I do hope you get some colors you like on the flowers. There might be some purple in there too, wouldn’t that be a hoot? Hopefully different shades of whatever.
    I know there is pink and burgundy.

  4. Looks like you’re having a ball melting down old candles and making something new. How clever of you. We don’t burn candles, Abe says it bothers him, I don’t even burn my little (can’t think of what they are called) smokers? I have a little old lady sitting in a chair and she’s sipping a cup of tea, and the smoke looks like it comes off the cup, and another one where he’s a chimney sweep and he’s smoking a pipe and the smoke comes from his mouth. You put a small piece of incense under and light it and it slowly smokes out. We also had one that looked like a log cabin and the chimney smoked. I use to love the one I think it was called Christmas. I can no longer smell anything so it doesn’t really matter, except they were nice to look at.

    Will be waiting to see the flowers bloom this coming spring/summer.

  5. Becky, you are going to have an iris farm…….and that is a good idea for your old candles. I know nothing about Google reader….I just might check into it. Your 60 degree weather sounds nice.

  6. So I’m dying to know if you’re putting scent in those candles, and if yes, what? (Did I miss that?)

    I used to love Google Reader. I’m so far behind that right now I can only attempt to visit those who leave comments. Snooty of me, huh?

    I save dryer lint to make paper. I was somewhat of a natural-born packrat, but spent a large portion of my life learning to NOT save everything. When I found out I had to save dryer lint for paper, I thought of all that work for nothing! (The anti-packrat wortk.)

  7. I bet you’re anxious to see the iris colors. Most of mine are purple, too. A friend of mine read about me wanting yellow iris’s and brought me one out in a pot when she visited. Can’t wait to see it bloom next summer.

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