Farm Photo 33

One day around the first of November, I went out to check on the garden and the pecan trees.

And this is what I had in my pocket when I came back.

The first pecan to fall this year.

The last tomato and the last of the green beans.

That tomato is still green.



7 comments on “Farm Photo 33

  1. I’m so jealous! We had HARD freezing at the end of October and much since then. I picked all my green tomatoes. I made marinara and diced tomatoes out of the small ones and paste ones until Thanksgiving. I put all the big ones in the garage refrigerator to slowly ripen so I could have salsa at Christmas. Something went awry, and all the big ones FROZE. Two drawers full of giant tomatoes (probably more than 30 pounds) froze and I had to throw away every single one. It was a sad day!

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