Sheer Torture

Just A few random shots from around the farm.

This is the fourth set of gloves I’ve bought this year for working outside.

I keep wearing out the fingers.

And this visor is atleast 10 years old.

It’s good for keeping the sun out of my eyes. I bought it marked down. I have bought several to replace it, but they give me headaches. So I guess I’m stuck with Marvin the Martian until it falls apart.

After digging and seperating the iris rhizomes this year, I was left with quite a pile of them that had no roots.

I’m not sure whether they are still worth planting. So, to find out, I dug two holes and planted them all in the holes. Come spring I’ll find out if they were still good or not.

And here is another project The Captain and I have been working on.

We have only painted one side. Then it started raining. Then it got cold. So it may be spring before the other three sides are finished.

When I turned the page on my calendar, changing it to the month of December, this is the picture for that month.


Who in their right mind puts this picture with the month of December.

I am already DONE with the cold.

This is just sheer torture.

I should’ve hopped on the back of one of those Canada Geese and hitched a ride further south.


13 comments on “Sheer Torture

  1. Love the visor….I can’t seem to through away a pair of gloves that have holes in them…I do hope to see those Iris sprout asI don’t think you have enough, lol. An adorable shed, love the color and ih, tape a different photo over that beach photo on your calendar!!!!

  2. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a hyperactive individual…..I could use some of that hyper, since I am hypo….yes I have hypothyroidism. I envy your energy…..always busy working around the farm…..enough to wear the fingers out of three pairs of gloves…..and always find time to post on a daily basis….I look forward to your posts….always interesting…..and I do like the paint job on your shed….I’m sure you will finish it. You are right about that calendar….someone really goofed on that on.

    Love ya, Becky!

  3. So did you find something to do with all those irises? A friend of mine would love some if you have any to spare! I just need someone to finish planting mine! lol

  4. Just goes to show you how busy you are, wearing out so many pairs of gloves.

    I just finished stuffing 31 little Santa stockings I crocheted, I made book marks and lamented them, stuffed in two pencils, a Christmas shape eraser, two tiny wrapped candy canes and two Midget Tootsie rolls. I’ve been working on them at night, after the Granddaughter goes to bed. Even her Mother doesn’t know I’ve made them, Have them all ready to deliver the day of their school party. I will surprise her and take them to the school. I will try to remember and take a photo of them before I leave.

  5. I like your red building. And I agree that you shouldn’t plant the Iris’s deep, in fact you could probably leave part of them sticking out of the dirt. I don’t think anything can kill an Iris.

  6. It must have been a company that sells vacation or a “warm place tourist bureau.” I totally agree about the torture. It’s been too cold here to ride my bike to school, and I’ve really injured my back, so I’ve been doing an ab video that has Claudia Schiffer on some lovely beach with turquoise waters like this picture in the background. I want to go. NOW!

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