Back in October, I won a drawing from Cyndy at her blog, Putting The Fun In Dysfunctional.

And due to her busy schedule and my busy schedule I’m just now getting this posted.

I have been trying, believe me. As you know I’m having rabbit (camera) problems and I have to take ALL of my pictures outside. When the sun is up.

Between the busy and the rain, I just couldn’t get those pictures taken. And you know I just can’t say a THANK YOU properly without pictures.

I tried time and time again to get pictures taken indoors, but they always have a yellow tint to them. That’s just not acceptable. I mean if you’re gonna say THANK YOU, you atleast can have a decent picture of what you’re saying THANK YOU for. Right?!

So, from the bottom of my heart, CYNDI, THANK YOU!

I love this little purple notebook! Or is it a pink notebook. I can’t make up my mind. Maybe I’ll just call it pinkle! It will be keeping me company everywhere I so. So I can jot down blog ideas and anything else that needs jotting down.

There were pens to be sure I can jot down those notes. A card claiming me as a bloggy friend. And bookmarks so I can jot things down in a hurry and not have to spend time hunting the next empty page.

I have one question? Cyndy, how did you know I LOVE butterflies? Have I wrote that somewhere in this blog? I don’t remember.  Or are we just connected somewhere by the universe and you just KNEW?

And that ORANGE pen…..I LOVE IT!!! That’s color is my signature color. If there is such a thing. Did the universe tell you that, too? tee hee

Regardless, of how you knew…..THANK YOU SO MUCH, CYNDI! I love it all! And I am proud to be called your bloggy friend.


4 comments on “Pinkle?

  1. It was definitely the universe sending messages! I call the journal purple, but then again I LOVE purple so anything remotely purple-ish is purple to me. (I have one too!)
    I also love butterflies, I even have one tattooed on my leg. =)
    Glad you loved everything!

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