Farm Photo 32

Where’s the toads?

I thought there would be toads.


Don’t forget to vote for Suzanne!

It’s almost over, only a few more days left to keep her at the top of the list.


10 comments on “Farm Photo 32

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but any toad in his right mind would be well advised to be holed up in a nice cosy flower pot lying among the warm dying roots of the the frost bitten flowers..sitten’ .near the porch of the warm house…..Our froggies in the pond have taken to the bottom buried in the warm muck…they will revive along about February and start a chorus…..
    I try not to dig in my whiskey barrels, flower pots until spring in case, as I have done by accident before, root up a sleepy toad…believe it or not I have taken a addled sleepy toad, moved the dirt around and put him back covering him/her with dirt….LOL

  2. PS…..
    East Tennessee had a beautiful wet snow this morning….but has all but disappeared this evening…except in the woods….on the north sides…
    I am sure all our froggies and toads are sleeping today!
    How do you make it snow on your web site…and could you use it as a winter screen saver..?

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