Digging, Breaking, Pulling, Counting……..

Recently I’ve been writing about a flower bed that was in desperate need of cleaning and thinning.

This is the iris bed the way it looked over the summer.

Though I love all the green that surrounds this tree it was really a mess.

Even though I waited until the ground was still soft from recent rains, it still took me several hours to dig up all the iris rhizomes.

So I spent one day digging.

A couple of hours to break the rhizomes into individual iris’ to replant.

Another day pulling roots, weeds and little trees.

Except for one tree that had gotten so far along I had to get The Captain and his tractor to pull it out.

And then another day replanting and mulching the flower bed.

When I first wrote about thinning the overcrowded iris’, I wrote that I would probably have five or six hundred iris’ to find homes for.

And boy was that an understatement.

I ended up with 1,229 iris rhizomes. Give or take a few. With all the interruptions I had while breaking and counting, it could be more.

To let them dry after breaking I laid them out on the picnic table, seats and top, for a day.

Then boxed them up and filled the table and seats again.

Seriously, that’s how many I had.

And I still have most of them.

Here’s the bed almost ready to replant.

During this dig I encountered MANY roots and hickory nuts and hulls.

I also awakened from their winter nap several grub worms and earthworms.

I replanted only forty of the iris rhizomes around the border of this bed behind the monkey grass.

I’m still contemplating what to do with the rest.

Here’s the finished flower bed.

Quite a difference from those first two pictures to this one, wouldn’t you say?

I still haven’t repaired and repainted the cart with the flat. I’m saving it for a winter project.

I’m so glad that it’s completed.

Now I can get on with other things.

And enjoy it all winter, before the weeds start trying to take over again.

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17 comments on “Digging, Breaking, Pulling, Counting……..

  1. You know I am way to honest sometimes. When I saw those first two photos I thought, Oh my word does she have a mess! It looks just fantastic now Becky. Doesn’t it feel good too. Just think of the lovelies that you will soon be enjoying…dang it girl, that is a lot of any one plant!!

  2. What a lot of work! But look at what you have now…looks great.

    I need to pull my flowers from the summer, still. I have been a busy chick lately.

    Missing blog comments, missing house cleaning..you name it…I am doing what I can for the next week or so. Life will return to a reasonable pace soon. 🙂

    I missed the wheedle word too!!!!

  3. I have purchased some of my most beautiful iris in South Carolina on our way to and from the big flea market at Pickins SC…also bought some there from some terrific Iris growers and breeders that bring some of their excess plants to sell bare root in July….I have a black one ( or near black) that just isn’t seen around here much..Of course you know Iris is our state flower here in Tennessee….so we have to love iris..LOL
    Do your iris do well transplanted this late in the year?
    I always do mine mid-July thru the first week in Sept…best if done in late July/Aug…to give time for them to establish roots to keep them from heaving with the first ground freeze….
    Your bed looks great…..some Hosta would look good under that tree too…do you raise any types of Hosta?
    Iris is one of my favorite perennials as well as out 800 plus types of daylilies…Spring bulbs first bloom…then our Iris bloom April thru May…then the Day Lilies June thru July…in between these blooms we have Roses..Azaleas…Hostas..etc…I only put out a few annuals anymore…such as Marigolds, Petunias in boxes…Coleas for color…etc….a lot easier for us…since we are getting older…I am already looking forward to Spring and it is not even officially winter yet!

  4. PS….We have to love iris here it is our state flower in Tennessee…..seems nearly every yard has at least one type of iris….and my all time favorite….it the tall, common, very fragrant light blue (granny flag) Iris…LOL

  5. Quite a difference, show all of your hard work. I thought I saw some small white dots falling down you blog, but they’ve stopped, I’m assuming it was snow? Or do I have that many floaters and instead of black they are white? LOL

  6. How timely! I mailed your box of irises yesterday. you could plow a field the effect would be spectacular. You could give away boxes of them. I had a give away and people sent me their shipping back from my return label. Some people wanted a lot and some only a few but anyone who asked got them. It sure saved me a lot of digging. I can’t just throw out healthy tubers. I’d have a iris plantation here.

  7. It looks great! I know you’re glad you got that over with. Wonder if you could sell the others? Do you have a local radio station with swap shop or something? I bet someone would buy them from you.

    I’m loving the snow-makes me wish it was real and it was in my yard!

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