Excluding The X

From the time I started Friday’s Farm Photo posts I have numbered each of post with Roman Numerals.

The only thought I gave to giving the posts Roman Numerals was if I could remember the Roman Numeral that coincided with  the  English number of the post.

When I began to get some strange search engine enquiries bringing readers to this blog, I done a little investigating.

As it turns out, it was bringing them to this post.

Understanding that sometimes your reputation is defined by the company you keep, I thought I had better change a few things.

My writing and pictures are family friendly and I plan to keep it that way.

It would be a shame to have this blog blocked or worse yet, BANNED,  because of the three X’s, meaning thirty in Roman Numerals.

I mean, I think this picture…………


is far from showing any adult content.

And I’ll bet it is a surprise to anyone coming here looking for adult content.

So rather than waste their time looking for the above said adult content


taking the chance for this blog to be associated with….uh…..er…..well something that it’s not, I have changed the titles and the address to exclude the X’s.

And from now on the title will read with an English number.


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8 comments on “Excluding The X

  1. No matter what we try to do, there will always be someone (or some thing) that tries to make something evil from it. We have to try to “prove” ourselves daily, to have an immunity when the accusation may appear…. That way it makes it harder for someone who knows us to believe a lie about us.

  2. Once I was trying to remember the exact sequence of the colors in the rainbow (coudn’t remember the wording of the sentence that helps you remember that sequence) and when I ‘googled’ the word rainbow I got things I never dreamed of. Lessons learned!

  3. Never thought of that, X’s meaning some adult theme. LOL Yes, it could be embarrassing if that’s what someone is looking for.
    but I would say it would be embarrassing for that person and not you.

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