Saturday before last we were asked to crew for Eagles Wings Hot Air Balloons. But this time it was a fun event for the balloon owners, called a “Fun Fly”.

We followed them up north…..

to Cool Springs, NC, near Statesville.

To a beautiful old farm house in the country. With lots of rolling hills and plenty of clear skies for balloons to lift off from.

Everyone was asked to bring a dish of food for a covered dish dinner.

I wanted to try a sample of everything that was brought, but there was so much food and no way could I have had room for even one bite of everything.

But what I did try…… was delicious.

Here we have the balloon unloaded and are beginning to air it up.

As are the others around us.

The air has been heated and the balloon is beginning to rise.

Up, up and away.

Usually, it’s the pilot and a rider. But this time two of the pilot’s faithful workers got to ride.

His wife.

And my husband, The Captain.

The chasers, me included, watch to see in which direction they will be drifting, check the map and take off to get ahead of them.

Then stop and watch their direction again. While checking the map for roads leading in the same direction.

We counted 19 balloons at one time. I have most of them in this picture.

Naturally, the balloons all went in the same direction. There were vans, trucks and SUV’s parked sporadically along side the road.

Waiting to see in which direction to head next.

We are parked along side the road and it looks like the balloon is heading straight for those trees.

But it’s higher than it looks.

Here it’s drifting over the trees from the above picture.

There’s my Captain waving at me as he passes over.

Coming down.

As it lands one of the chasers run to it, to help hold it down.

While they were up there they watched herds of cows running away from the balloons.

We were parked by an electric fence and I was hoping they wouldn’t land in that COW field.

I know they are hard to see, but the cows are there dotting the field in behind those trees.

Cause scared or not….

you know those cows would have had to visit me.

At a dead run!

Like they always do when I step in their pasture.

Luckily, they did not land inside the pasture fence.

We had a great time as usual.

And I was thankful that the pilot’s wife, who hasn’t ridden in the balloon basket in a long time,

and my husband who had been itching to ride again since that first trip over two years ago.

If you ever get the chance to drift away in a hot air balloon basket…..


You won’t regret the experience.

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8 comments on “Chasing

  1. I remember once when balloon rides were offered near where I live. We couldn’t afford for all of us to go, so I let my sons go up. One day maybe the chance will come again. Your photos are beautiful! It does look like fun.

  2. You certainly had a way with the words and described it very well. You know, of course, or I do, that the only hot air balloons that makes the evening news are those that land upside down, or get caught in sparking power lines. I hear and sometimes see these things and think I don’t want to do this and so far I haven’t but I do envy those who do it. What brave people they are. Your husband among them.

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