Why I Refused To Share

One of my favorite snacks it peanuts.


Salted and roasted.


There’s almost always peanuts in the house.


But my favorite are the bonus peanuts. Did you see them in the pictures above?

They are the ones that don’t have a shell.

No work to get to them. Don’t get me wrong, shelling the peanuts is half the fun of eating them.


But it’s always nice to find one that you can just pop in your mouth and munch on until you get the next shell open.

Sure, I could buy the ones in a jar without the shell.

But where’s the fun in that?

And they don’t taste the same.

The Captain and I cannot eat peanuts from the same pile.

He always steals the bonus peanuts before I can get to them.

Just like french fries.

When we were dating, he liked to dump both containers of fries out on the paper lined tray for us both to eat from.

It didn’t take me long to figure out he was getting ALL of his fries and half of mine.

I don’t think he realized he was eating his AND mine. And he couldn’t figure out why I suddenly refused to share the french fry tray.

Sometimes you just have to draw the line.

And demand your own peanut pile and french fry tray.



14 comments on “Why I Refused To Share

  1. Right now, we have a large container sitting on the counter top. Seems I am the only one eating them. I guess it’s too much work for the others. LOL One daughter was at Sam’s club and bought a huge bag, salted in the shell peanuts. She knew if she took the whole bag home her partner would have a fit and wonder why she bought so many, so she left half of them here. I enjoy some almost every evening while watching TV.

  2. In our family there are those – me included – that will fight tooth and toenail for “burnt” potato chips and the ones that are folded over. You know the burnt ones – they are just way more brown than the rest. Since you really like peanuts you really do need to try my jalapeno peanut brittle. LOL!

  3. Oh Becky the farmer would draw back a bloody stub if he were to steal my french fries. I will share almost anything else with him, but fries? No way. They are my big weakness.

  4. The Big Guy has never learned to share. It isn’t uncommon that he will start with one bite of whatever “treat” I have and then eat the entire thing. It really bothers him when someone gives me a box of chocolate and I eat one or maybe 2 a day. Shortly after we were married he gave me a box of chocolates. I was eating 1 a day and offered him one. Within 2 days my box was gone. His answer was that I wasn’t eating them so he did.

  5. That is too funny…and familiar! My husband is the same way. I knew very early on he was going to be that way. One of the first dates we went on we had went through a drive-through and got some food to take to the park. We had got different things so we decided to try a “bite” of each other’s food just to try it. I took a very small bit of his and then when he reached over to take a bite of the burrito I was holding I swear he took over half of it in one bite! He almost bit my finger! LOL

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