Wheedle Word 12

I know….I’M LATE!

Thought I already had this scheduled.

Better late than never!!

Last week’s Wheedle Word was……


That word makes me think about fresh, crisp Autumn air.

I like to step outside in the mornings and take a deep breath. It’s relaxing and fulfilling.

Cold air makes me think of winter.

Warm air makes me think of summer.

And hot air makes me think of balloons.

So for this week’s Wheedle Word, I’ll tempt you with the word…..


Now, don’t that word bring a smile to your face?!

If you’re wondering what a Wheedle Word is…………….click here!



8 comments on “Wheedle Word 12

  1. Love love love balloons. I think it’s the bright colors that do it. I’ve always wanted to go up in one. My daughter does not like balloons. It’s the smell and feel and horror of the ‘pop’.

  2. Balloon – Makes me think of the foreign movie I just watched a couple of weeks ago called The Red Balloon. It is about a little boy in France (I think) who has a big red balloon with a personality that follows him around like a pet. Very good movie.
    Also makes me think of the hot air balloons that would land in the field by our house in the summers when we lived in Wyoming. So so fun to watch.

  3. First thought was hot air balloons for an obvious reason. Next is the sound your voice makes when you inhale the air from a helium balloon! Alvin and the chipmunks!!!! lol

  4. Becky: Balloons make me think of ‘up, up and away’. My grandson would always get a balloon at Applebee’s and then release it as he went out the door and watch it go into the sky.

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