Hey, Team Fencepost!

Suzanne made it to round two for the SAM-e Good Mood Blog talent search thanks to all our votes.

The job is a six month Good Mood Blog gig with exceptional pay. It will help support her kids, farm and blog that she works so hard for.

Suzanne is a single mother who needs this job some kinda bad. And she needs our help to get it.

Voting begins today and ends on December 7, 2009.

We can vote once each day, just as before. And it is just as simple as before.

Click this link and then click vote.

And your done!

You can also watch her 90 second video while you’re there.

So join me in voting for Suzanne everyday and helping her land this awesome job.

Good luck, Suzanne!!!


15 comments on “VOTE FOR SUZANNE!!!!!

  1. You’re a good blogger friend Becky! Your support for Suzanne is super.

    I’m just stopping by a little early to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m headed to my kids but wish you many blessings.

  2. I voted for her. Also visited her blog. I see she doesn’t even have comments on her blog but must have a big following. She is one amazing lady.

    Interesting to me is that she lives around Walton, WV, or I think that is what she said on her video. My grandpa Ballengee moved from his lifetime in Summers County, WV near Hinton to Walton. He passed away down there and is buried there and my uncle Ralph still lives down there or did.

  3. Sorry to be away so long. A lot going on and I took off last Wednesday and headed south to visit my baby Bro and his wife and just took a break, did some demolition on the tile around their fireplace and then retiled it with new tile that tied the room together with the tile we did in the kitchen a couple of years ago. They could have done it without me but, boy, did I enjoy the project, especially the demolition. I voted and I bookmarked the page so I could go back and vote each day.

    You are a great blogging friend and I, for one, am very thankful for you.


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